You’ve Tried WaxingBut Have You Heard of Sugaring? Centuries-Old Hair Removal Techniques

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It seems that many Americans are using a centuries-old method to remove unwanted facial and body hair: waxing services are popular for both women and men. Although shaving is a much quicker process than waxing and takes just a few minutes as opposed to up to half an hour, many Americans choose to wax away troublesome body hair.

More than four out of 10 women want men to groom their eyebrows, nose hair, and ear hair. Waxing can be as effective on coarse chest or beard hair as it is on finer eyebrow hair, and since shaving can leave uncomfortable stubble behind, many men are opting for waxing services.

Over time, waxing can actually weaken unwanted hair, causing it to grow back more lightly or not at all. When over 300 college students were surveyed, almost all of them indicated that they do have a commitment to regularly removing body hair, including leg and eyebrow hair.

Some waxing services involve using a sugar solution instead of wax: the same effect is achieved, but the solution is natural — lemon juice, sugar and water is effective against body hair and may also reduce irritation and the possibility of ingrown hairs after a waxing session. Benefits of waxing or sugaring may include a more polished look for professional or social purposes and reduced discomfort or irritability on the skin’s surface.

Waxing typically requires hair to be a little bit longer in order to facilitate its removal. Sugaring also requires about a week’s worth of hair growth in order to be effective. When contracting for waxing with the intent of doing hair and makeup for wedding events, clients are recommended to have several sessions in the weeks leading up to the wedding in order to ensure smooth skin and complete hair removal.

Some patrons who contract for waxing or sugaring services will combine the service with hair care services, facial services like makeup or deep cleansing, massage therapy, hand or nail polishing services, or may choose to get the entire spa treatment and take an entire day to relax and upgrade their looks for social or business purposes.

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