Why Making A Used Clothing Donation Matters In The United States

Here in the United States, charitable giving is quite commonplace indeed. In fact, more than 95% of the total population will, by some estimates, give back to charity in some way over the course of a single year. Giving back to charity can give back to the community, of course, but it can also have a number of other benefits as well. And there are many ways to contribute to charity, even if you are not able to give a monetary value (as is the case for truly so many of us struggling to make ends meet and stay afloat all throughout the country).

Giving in the form of charitable clothing donations, for instance, can be quite the valuable form of giving indeed. After all, dropping clothing donations off at a used clothing pick up site is quite simple indeed, as the typical used clothing pick up site has become more commonplace than ever before. Most everyone will have at least one used clothing pick up site in their neighborhood, and using this used clothing pick up site is often as simple as dropping off your used clothes donation and driving away.

These used clothing donations given to a used clothing pick up site will likely be used in a number of ways. For one thing, about half of all used clothing donations will be directly used as clothing again. In many cases, they will be resold, with the profits directed towards helping families in need. After all, used clothing has become more popular than ever here in the United States, with the average person now buying as many as ten pounds of used clothing over the course of a single year. Therefore, a great deal of profit can be made by various charities, should they decide to sell the used clothing donations that they take in, often through a used clothing pick up site.

Of course, giving your used clothing to used clothing pick up sites will not only benefit those who are in need and various charitable organizations that accept clothing donations, but will also have a profoundly positive environmental impact as well. After all, we currently send about ten and a half million tons of clothing to various landfills throughout the country over the course of just one single year here in the United States alone, let alone in other parts of the world where the problem of waste production is also quite dramatic.

Though we are making some progress in the field of waste reduction, with up to four and half billion pounds of clothing saved from landfills each and every year in the form of used clothing donations all throughout the country, only around 15% of all used clothing is donated instead of being discarded at the current date. And, unfortunately, we are consuming more clothing than ever before. In fact, the typical person not only throws away up to ten pounds of clothes in just one year, but will consume very nearly 70 total new garments over this same span of time.

If we look at the typical woman of today, we find that she is likely to have as many as 30 separate outfits. This means, of course, that she has about one distinct and new outfit for just about each and every day of the month – depending on the month in question. Just one century in the past, in the 1930s (so almost a full century, to be just a little bit more specific), the average woman would have less than ten full outfits, with the average being only nine – and this was often considered to be a luxury as well.

Simply giving away our clothing to a used clothing pick up site can be hugely beneficial for so many reasons. Clothing donations can help those in need in our communities, of course, but they can also have a tremendously positive impact on our environment as well. Waste is a very real problem, after all, and is one that should be taken very seriously. Giving charitably and donating old goods is one way that we can help to care for our planet.

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