What’s In a Onesie? 3 Reasons to Jump Aboard The Adult Onsie Train

Onesie pajamas for kids

You’ve surely noticed them. They have their own commercials, cameos in popular movies and television shows, honorable mentions in the media. You don’t know where they came from, but there is no doubt that now they’re here — Adult Onesie Pajamas.

Perhaps for you, the world “onesie” evokes images of little children rubbing their eyes as they climb out of bed for a glass of water, or babies kicking in their cribs in a cute little one piece with a diaper flap. Simplicity in dressing themselves for kids and ease for parents are some of the more traditional justifications for buying a onesie pajama set. In the recent adult revival of this classic piece of sleep wear, there are several even better ones:

They’re Fun!
Consider this: in 2012, Steve Pandi, the founder of Jumpin Jammerz, hosted a party of over 300 adults all dressed in footed adult pajamas, and broke the record for the “largest Footed Pajama Party” at the South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin — and it was a blast.

Sometimes being an adult with the associated responsibilities and expectations can be truly grueling, and have you wishing you could be a kid again. Acting silly around co workers or friends is a totally essential release — as proven by Friday and Saturday nights, everywhere. Donning a pair of footed pajamas, as crazy and frivolous as it sounds, opens the floodgates for uninhibited fun.

They Might Actually Help You Sleep
On average, American’s sleep eight and a half hours tonight. If you are like four out of ten Americans, however, you are certainlynot getting nearly enough. Have you ever asked yourself whats preventing you from getting the good quality sleep you need? It could certainly be your comfort level, which includes your mattress, bedroom temperature, and pillow and sheet quality. It is entirely possible that your choice in sleepwear is negatively impacting your sleep quality. Adult onesies are cozy, flexible, and warm. It’s like having a fleece blanket wrapped around every part of you — and it might actually be the secret to your sleep.

They Have Multiple Uses
Adult onesie pajamas are not as one dimensional as they seem or sound. In fact, they can be employed for several different uses. They are the perfect base for a variety of costumes — add a cottony tail and you’ve got a bunny, or pin on some stripes and you’ve got a tiger. And they are of course, ideal as lounge wear as you go about your business on your cozy winter weekends.

Embrace the adult onesie pajamas craze and let your inner child sleep like a baby!

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