If you’re looking to get married in the near future, you’re certainly not alone. With as many as 44,000 thousand different weddings taking place per weekend and very nearly two and a half million weddings occurring over the course of the year, it should come as no surprise that up to 90% of the adult population will be married or will have previously been married (at the very least) by the time that they reach the age of 50. This means that, factoring in the rest of the adult population of this country, up to half of all adults are currently married all throughout the United States.

Love is the big motivating factor for getting married, of course. In today’s day and age, up to 88% of all marriages that take place in all parts of this country can be brought back to love. For many people, love is a huge motivating and influencing factor in their lives, and seeking out love is something that many would consider to be very important indeed. Many people will even find love a number of times throughout their life. As a matter of fact, getting married more than once is more common than ever, with up to 40% of new weddings taking place remarriages for at least one half of the couple – and in some cases, both.

But before you can actually get the wedding itself, there are many things that must be planned and carried out. The engagement, of course, is the first thing to happen in most cases, the thing that launches the course of the wedding planning and begins the process of getting to the wedding itself as well. An engagement can be very important, and many people state that they want their eventual engagement to fell planned out and special. There are many things that will factor into this, to be certain, including the location of the engagement, the people attending it, and the engagement ring itself.

The engagement ring has long been perhaps the most important aspect of getting engaged – at least for some people. For some, the engagement ring isn’t THE most important thing, of course – but this does not mean that it doesn’t matter. Choosing the right engagement ring is a big decision, and one that often requires planning and input from your partner. After all, more and more couples are staying together longer before getting married, giving them more time to discuss an eventual wedding and engagement period. As the average couple currently living in the United States will actually date for around five years before getting engaged and then married, it’s certainly an important thing that these conversations are being had, to say the very least.

Finding the right engagement ring has certainly become a much more extensive project than in years past, when the typical diamond ring made up most engagement rings. After all, diamonds have been given a rating of 10 on the Mohs scale, meaning that they are one of the hardest substances in the entirety of the world, at least when we speak of natural substances. Diamond rings are also, of course, quite beautiful and long lasting indeed, two qualities that certainly make them ideal for any engagement ring. However, many people are moving away from naturally occurring diamonds and are instead looking into some of the lab grown options that might be available to them. After all, lab grown diamonds are still very high in overall quality – and are often much less expensive than their naturally occurring counterparts. In addition to this, not all natural diamonds are ethically sourced, making lab grown diamonds a more moral alternative for those who are concerned by such matters.

And even stepping away from diamonds is now more than possible when looking into the purchase of an engagement ring. Other precious gems can also be used for engagement rings – and even for wedding bands, if you’re looking for something a little flashier than the typical wedding ring. For many people, steering away from diamonds is something that helps them to stand out from the crowd, so to speak, and gives them a great deal of pride in their engagement ring.

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