If you’re like any other man who owns a wallet, you’ll know how important it is to find the perfect list of what to carry and in your wallet and what to leave out. Most people wouldn’t want a bulky wallet weighing down their pants or a huge bulge in their back pockets. It could be why most men have at least one ultra slim wallet, but that too doesn’t answer the million-dollar question, what do you carry in your wallet? And what do you leave at home?

What to Carry in Your Wallet

Unless you’ve been doing some thorough organizing, your wallet is likely to have a lot of junk in there from past receipts to love letters from high school, and that’s okay. Wallet discipline is a trait that not many people can brag about. Luckily, this post will help you whittle down the list to only the essentials so that everything can fit even in an ultra slim wallet.

1. Spare Cash

It could be the most obvious thing to carry in your wallet, but a lot of it could shatter your dreams of having a super thin wallet. Luckily, you don’t have to carry wads of notes on your wallet, all you need is a few crisp notes just for emergency. This extra cash could act as a back up in places that don’t accept cards or for tips. You could try carrying large denominations so you could save up some space.

2. Two Credit Cards

Credit cards are an essential item that you can’t afford to ever leave home, so bring it along in your wallet. Why two cards? You might ask. Well, one credit card will certainly make for a slimmer wallet, but what if the credit card terminal declines your card or the seller doesn’t accept that type of card. It’s better to have an extra one at hand, so you’re never caught off-guard. Carrying more than two credit cards beats the goal of having a ultra slim wallet and could spell problems when you lose your wallet, or it gets stolen.

3. A Debit Card

If you need some quick cash fast, the debit card is the best way to go. You can pop in at the nearest ATM and get your cash instantly, and you can sometimes use it to pay for cash directly. What’s more, debit cards don’t charge as much fees for advanced cash as credit cards.

4. An Identification Card with an Address

You should never leave your ID card or driving license at home because you’ll need them almost everywhere. Whether you’re driving, going to the doctor, visiting certain places, or even when you need some services. It’s also worth noting that there were about 16.7million cases of identity fraud in the US, most of them as a result of lost IDs, so it’s better to keep your ID in your wallets to be safe.

5. Insurance Cards

You never know when you might need the services of your insurance agency, so it’s better to have your insurance card around to be on the safe side.

6. Emergency Contact Information

You should have at least a sheet of paper or a card with your phone number on it so that in case you lose your wallet, anyone who finds it can always give you a call. Also have an emergency medical card with you, with the phone numbers of your closest friends and relatives, your blood group and any other information like allergies or any medical condition you have, that may be useful in case of an emergency. You can fit it on a thin sheet of paper to fit your ultra slim wallet but ensure that the information is easily accessible, or settle for an easy access wallet instead.

Bottom line

If you want everything to fit in your ultra thin wallet, you’re probably never going to get that. But by carrying only these few essentials, you can save up lots of space and have a pretty thin wallet.

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