Custom made beach towels

Summer time is the time for the beach. So many people from all walks of life visit the beaches of America and of those around the Globe. There are so many places to go for a beach trip in the United States, with approximately 95,471 miles of shoreline from which to choose. In fact, in a recent survey, just over half of the respondents stated that they would be taking a vacation to the beach in the next 12 months.

While another survey showed 70% of the people who were surveyed enjoyed walking the beach the most, a close second was swimming. Swimming is enjoyable and burns a lot of calories. No wonder so many people love it!

Typically, when swimmers get out of the water, the first thing they reach for is most often their beach towel. Now, normally, you might not give beach towels too much thought, but beach towels are a special breed of towel and when you wrap up in your favorite one, you feel as cozy and warm as a baby.

If you do not presently have a favorite beach towel, here are three types of beach towels that you might consider looking for.

1.) The logo beach towel

Sometimes you just happen to find a beach towel that sports a logo that you really enjoy. Maybe it’s a princess towel for one of the kids or a logo that reminds you of your favorite sports team or vacation spot. Whatever the case may be, the logo beach towel is a very popular trend in towels.

2.) Embroidered beach towels

The embroidered beach towel is often something of a work of art. The time it takes to embroider something special onto a towel takes time and talent. Two things that are perfectly displayed on a beach day.

3.) Photo beach towels

There are many different types of photo beach towels. In a similar manner to the logo beach towel, the different types of photo beach towels you can find might be pre-made or specially made for you. On the one hand, you might find among the various types of photo beach towels a towel with a picture of a favorite sports hero or celebrity. Alternatively, you could have a beach towel made with a picture of your child or loved one.

No matter which way you go, enjoy your time at the beach and stay safe.

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