The Right Beach Towel for a Vacation

Visiting the beach is often the first image that comes to mind for fun, exotic vacations, from volleyball to sunbathing to kids playing with starfish. There are plenty of supplies to bring, from an umbrella to swimwear to toys for the kids and maybe a book to read. But for any adult who wants to relax and take in the sun and salty air, a beach towel is key to a solid vacation. These are no ordinary towels; they are not interchangeable with a bathroom towel, and bringing towels of the wrong kind can result in torn fabric, sand getting everywhere, and worse. But a personalized beach towel can make a vacation easy and fun, and there are many ways to get them or to buy ordinary beach towels. Promotional beach towels, full color printed towels, and more are out there.

Going to the Beach

Many people around the world enjoy visiting the beach, and swimming there can be good exercise. Many muscles are worked during swimming, and doing this exercise for an hour may burn 800 to 900 calories. Aerobics like swimming or bicycling can also lower risk of chronic illness. For a beach in particular, 70% of respondents to a survey said that their favorite activity there was walking, and 65% said that they enjoy swimming there. Some 53% of beachgoers like to sunbathe, a similar percentage want to nap, and about 48% like to read at the beach. Anything else is possible too, from games of volleyball to playing ball in the water to building sand castles or collecting sea shells. Picnics, reading, napping, and more are popular too, but sand can interfere with these gentler activities. A beach towel can keep everything clean and organized, and a personalized beach towel can add flair to anyone’s vacation.

The Towels

According to Canningvale, a beach towel differs from other towels in several ways. For one thing, they’re big, often being 30 centimeters longer than other towels, and they’re tough, needing to stand up to people stepping on them repeatedly or lying on them. They will also be exposed to salt water or chlorine, and are made to endure that, too. What is more, bathroom towels are meant to help give the bathroom a relaxing air where someone can unwind, and they often have darker colors and flat color schemes. But a beach towel is at a lively and sunny place, so they more often come in colors like yellow, red, green, and more, and may even have patterns. Personalized beach towels can have nearly anything on them, even darker colors if the owner desires that. Finally, beach towels often have different purposes for each side. One is meant to repel sand and water, while the other side absorbs water and can be used for drying off. A beach towel user should take note of which side is which.

Find the Towels

Many major retailers will have beach towels available both at the brick and mortar location and through online sales. Online, a catalogue will show different towels and their prices, size, and colors. Personalized beach towels will probably be found online only, and the customer can customize the details such as exact dimensions, fabric type, patterns, colors, and more. Custom photos and other images can be used to give a towel a unique visual, though guidelines or restrictions about the image’s content may apply. Once the custom towel is ordered, it can be made, and it will ship to the customer’s address, ready for the sand and sea.

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