Tattoos As Fashion Statements

Tattoos, also known as body art, are in fashion, if you haven’t noticed. Back in the day, one would find tattoos mainly on sailors, street fighters, and other tough guys, and gals with a naval piercing. That was then. Today, tattoos are worn by folk of many flavors and varieties, guys and dolls, hipsters, CEOs, plumbers, and lawyers, to name just a few. According to a poll of Millennials and Gen Xers, conducted by the Harris Poll organization, 47% of the former and 36% of the latter group have at least one tattoo.

Those with tattoos are not unfamiliar with the question, “Where’d you get your tattoo?” or “What does it represent?” They are not unfamiliar either with the refrain, “I’m thinking about getting a tattoo.” Well, if you’re one of those considering getting inked with a tattoo, follow along. We’re going to give you __ reasons why you should get a tattoo.

  1. Express your individuality. Everyone is an individual with all the complexity of the human being. Some people color their hair or get a new hairdo; some folk dress a certain way in order to express their individuality, and others get a tattoo or two. There is no way to exhaust the limits of expression when it comes to tattoos. There are as many different types of tattoos as there are people on earth (approx. 7.5 billion), if not more.
  2. Call attention to something meaningful. You can get pink ribbon tattoo in support of breast cancer, your first child’s name, or any other of a vast variety of words, numbers, or symbols that represent something meaningful to you, your family, or your community.
  3. You can honor or memorialize a loved one. You get a tattoo to honor or memorialize a loved one, a family member, a beloved pet. Some get a tattoo of the date of a loved one’s passing, their name, or a portrait of his or her face.
  4. Motivation. Some folks get tattoos (one lady I know got a naval piercing for this!) to motivate them. Whether your tattoo says, “That’s life,” “Carpe Diem” (seize the day), or “Get pumped!”–a tattoo can be a source of motivation. It’s not unlike a sticky note with a saying on your bathroom mirror, but more permanent and powerful.
  5. Artistry. Tattoos are art inked on your body. Tattoo artists are so called for a reason and you may desire a beautiful picture on your body, not just framed on your living room wall. Life is beautiful and beauty has meaning, why not reflect this conviction via a well placed tattoo.
  6. Permanence. Tattoos are permanent. (As my tattoo artist told me, “I can remove the tattoo as well” as he brandished a large carving knife.) Show permanence with your tattoo.
  7. Because you can! Why not? Show your individuality…because you can. Nuff said.

It’s not the 1950s, it’s the 21st century. As long as you are of legal age in your state and you give consent, get a tattoo. Tattoos are no longer taboo. Consider your circumstances, of course, but you should not worry about–if you’re inclined to do so–about getting a tattoo. You got a naval piercing, get a tattoo!

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