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For countless millennia, jewelry of all sorts has been used for personal decoration, or to represent office or noble status. Jewelry ranges from shell necklaces in primitive cultures all the way to expensive diamond rings or earrings, and even sea glass has proven itself popular for making stylish jewelry. In centuries past, it was mainly society’s wealthy who bought and owned jewelry, but for well over a century now, ordinary customers can and do visit jewelry stores and local jewelers to buy new pieces, get jewelry repair done, and even make custom rings. What is more, wedding jewelry itself can be customized, and different types of wedding rings have proliferated among American consumers. These different types of wedding rings are really only limited to the buyer’s imagination and budget, and some creative ideas abound among types of wedding rings today. Most often, women buy decorative jewelry for themselves, while men are the primary customers of wedding jewelry. This is when different types of wedding rings may be ordered for personal taste and style.

A Wedding Ring That Speaks To You

Nearly everyone is familiar with the classic image of an engagement ring: a gold band, with a well-cut diamond on it. This model has been used since the mid-1400s and persists today, standing as the most common engagement ring model. There is nothing wrong with this, but some American men choose to create a more unique and personal ring as a substitute, since the standard ring may feel too impersonal for some. Taking this route is easier than ever, and many jewelers are ready and willing to help once a customer approaches them with an order.

What can be altered in an engagement ring? Nearly any aspect to it is open for customization. The ring’s body may be made of not only gold, but possibly silver, white gold, or even platinum. What is more, that ring’s body can be carved with patterns or with sentimental messages or dates unique to the two people involved (the same can be done for wedding bands, too). Meanwhile, the gem itself may be a diamond like the standard model, or it can be a different gem such as a sapphire, ruby, emerald, or amethyst. Or, the customer may choose his girlfriend’s birth stone as the ring’s gem to make it more personal. The gem’s cut can be customized as well, from an oval shape to a square to even flower shapes or simple circles.

When a customer wants types of wedding rings like these, he can visit a jeweler, explain his custom ring’s details, and wait for the jeweler to make a colored sketch. The customer will look over that sketch to double check that all details are correct, and ensure that this final design is indeed what the customer wants. Assuming all the details are ready, the customer may then leave and wait a few weeks for the jeweler to hand-make that custom ring to the customer’s wishes. When it is ready, the customer will be called back, and he may collect the ring and pay for it.

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Wedding rings and engagement rings can be totally customized, and in some cases a man’s girlfriend may come along to help design the ring. This is not as strange as it sounds; some women like to be surprised by a ring, but others may have refined taste and discretion with rings. If she does, and her boyfriend doesn’t, he may ask her to come along and help him choose a ring or design a custom one. In fact, this can be a fun date, designing a custom engagement ring together.

What about bridal jewelry? Most often, women will use either their own personal jewelry for this, or they may have inherited jewelry from their mother or grandmother. This is a common family tradition, for women to pass down family heirloom jewelry. While men sometimes pass down wristwatches or cuff links or pocket watches, women pass along jewelry, which makes for strong sentimental value in a wedding. Some brides may even use sea glass jewelry, which can be stylish and attractive, not to mention thematically appropriate for an outdoor beach wedding ceremony.

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