One Great Way to Avoid Construction Accidents

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Did you know that the average construction worker walks more than 30,000 steps a day? As you know, a lot of construction happens alongside roadways. Now picture this: construction workers walking around all day long on the side of the road, even into the nighttime, wondering if they are being seen by the drivers on the side of the road. It’s a terrifying thought when you think about it. Because of this, every construction worker should have a useful reflective vest to keep themselves seen and safe by drivers throughout the evening and night hours, because sometimes construction cannot be avoided.

Injures in Construction

Injuries in construction take place all the time, in growing intensity, it seems. Research has shown that a new employee in their first month at work is three times more likely to experience an injury than anybody else. This could be due to the fact that these employees have been put into new situations without all the proper training that a veteran employee might have. Because of this, sometimes safety gets thrown under the bus and accidents occur – but all too often they can end up being deadly in nature when they involve construction workers and vehicles. Imagine if every employee was suited with a high visibility jacket, high VIS pants, high visibility fleece jackets for cold times, or a good fluorescent vest? Safety clothing options make for a much safer environment for construction workers who are up against the roads and what comes with them. This could prevent the serious injuries and deaths that happen every year, many of which could have been prevented if certain conditions were present. In 2015, 4,836 workers were killed on the job, which means upwards of 13 deaths that could have been prevented each and every day.

How Vests Can Help

A reflective vest turns a construction worker into somebody who was once transparent, to somebody who is now visible. Visibility for passenger vehicle drivers at any time of the day can keep them on high alert and keep them focused on the road, knowing there are lives at risk. Every construction worker should be fitted with a vest if they are working in hours where the sun is setting or night has crept in. If employers want to ensure that their workers are getting the utmost of safety, they should consider these vests as an option in their workplace.

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