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Almost 20 million events and meetings are planned every year in the United States, spending over $275 million in spending. If you’re in charge of planning a corporate event though, it can often be tough to find an adequate venue that can accommodate the number of people attending, be in a convenient location, and still have all the amenities you’re looking for. If you’re providing food, dietary restrictions and allergies also have to come into play — according to a Dinova survey, almost 80% of corporations will have a vegetarian option and almost 65% of events have gluten-free options available. Though the reasons for hosting a corporate event may differ (lead generation, customer engagement, building brand awareness, boosting employee camaraderie, etc.,) everyone still needs a venue for corporate events.

What Should I Look for In a Venue for Corporate Events?

Depending on what kind of venue you need — a seminar venue, fundraiser event spaces, or a banquet space — you’ll be looking for some different things. However, overall, you want to make sure you have adequate space and seating for all your guests. No one likes the feeling of being crammed into a small space. Making sure there’s adequate parking, the location is easily accessible, and potentially public transportation options nearby can all be helpful.

Furthermore, check and see if the venue offers their own catering. You might be able to save on costs if you can organize a package with venue, catering, and rentals all from the same place. And it means you’ll have fewer moving pieces to deal with, which is always a plus when organizing or hosting an event. If the venue is able to offer Wifi access as well, that can be another bonus — especially if you’re hoping to do some customer engagement with social media!

What Makes a Corporate Event Successful?

That little extra touch of glitz and glamour can go a long way. If you’re going for customer engagement or building brand awareness, curating an exclusive guest list can go a long way towards making possible investors or customers feel special. Inviting tastemakers and influencers can make your social media pop. Alternately, having the event at a tough to get venue can also have a similar impact.

For all events, making sure your guests’ needs are met is important. From being conscious to different food allergies or preferences to making the event as accessible as possible, shows your guests that you’re thinking of them.

If you have the extra cash flow, it’s worth reaching out to event professionals to see what expert tips and tricks they can offer to really make your event stand out. They may have exceptionally creative and unique ideas that will make your event one to remember.

And of course, it’s always good to have a back-up plan — for anything and everything. The more organized you are (and the more detailed your plans), the more likely everything is to run smoothly.

How Do I Go About Finding a Venue for Corporate Events?

This can be one of the ways that event professionals can come in handy. They may have exclusive contacts — or a bigger network of contacts — to draw upon when it comes to finding the event venue you need. This will save you some legwork in the long run. It’s also worth speaking to other employees — either to find out what venues have been used in the past, or if they know of other new, fun spaces that are on the scene.

The Internet is another great resource. There are plenty of websites that feature lists of venues that can be searched by zip code, city, or even event. Exploring those options can perhaps provide you with new ideas or areas to look in, even if none of the options listed particularly appeal to you.

When finding a venue for corporate events, it’s important to keep the little details in mind. Checklists are your friend — as well as delegating! If you’re truly feeling overwhelmed, get in touch with an event professional to help you sort it all out.

Looking for a Venue for a Corporate Event? Try These Nifty Tricks

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