Ideas for a Memorable and Unique Bohemian Themed Wedding

Bohemian, refers to someone interested in music or the arts and usually conveys their artistic side in an unconventional style. Similarly, a bohemian theme is generally about nonconformity, romanticism, and vintage designs. It leans towards nature, earthy tones, and the outdoors.

In other words, it is an eclectic mix of ideas you can use for a unique wedding occasion. If you want to try out the style, check out these tips for the decor, venue, and wedding ceremony floral arrangement.

Bohemian Venue

The bohemian theme tends to favor earthy and natural elements. Most venues for boho-chic weddings are usually outdoors and in open spaces. Common locations for the ceremony may include large parks, wooded areas, or by the beach-side.

Because the theme favors the outdoor, it is ideal for spring and summer seasons. However, during the colder seasons, the ceremony could be in greenhouses or old vintage rooms, preferably with a natural scenic view.

Most couples look for a location that will complement their rustic and sometimes fanciful decorations. The nature of the bohemian style is to embrace nonconformity. Nowadays, it is not unusual for a boho wedding location to be at a winery, restaurant, or favorite club. You have a lot of room to choose a place that reflects both of your styles and eccentricities. But be sure that the venue you pick will be a place where all of your guests will feel comfortable.

Boho Decor

Choose to break away from the monotony of the usual wedding ceremony floral arrangement. You can make all of the decorations bohemian. Alternatively, you could incorporate only the aspects of the style. Since the boho-chic theme leans towards nature, seasonal plants may be used for DIY flower arrangements.

Another important element of the theme is its rustic designs. The tables at the reception can be long-row wood panels. Natural non-worked fabrics are also popular for decorations. There are lots of design options to choose from, ranging from tribal to trellis prints. The décor can be from different traditional boho materials such as crotchet, patchwork, or bohemian lace.

The goal is to strike a balance between simple, but also refined and elegant. Consider using soft colors if you plan on doing your DIY wedding flower package. There are no strict rules for flowers, but it is always a good idea to choose those that are soft and voluminous. You can pick exotic flowers such as jasmine and warm colors such as yellow, blue, and Ivory. Greenery lanterns can create a fanciful ambiance that is laid back, but at the same time, regal.

Textural Bridal Gown

For a relaxed wedding theme, lacy French gown are typically associated with the boho style. It adds a whimsical feel around the bride and bridal party who are a central part of the ceremony. Paying attention to the texture of the wedding dress is as important as its aesthetics.

The bridal gown is sometimes layered. The under-dress may be silk with a lace overlay dress worn over it. Pick your style to match the wedding ceremony floral arrangement, the bridal bouquets, and other aspects of the boho theme.

The bride can bring out their inner boho chic by adding a fresh flower crown to complete the outfit. For the crown, just like with the floral arrangements, a mix of warm colors will often work to complement the dress. You may use white and pink rose flowers, which are popular with many couples today.

If you don’t want to mix colors, you can choose a piece with blossoms of elegant white tube roses. The crown can also be worn by flower girls whose hair may prove to be problematic to style during the ceremony.

In Conclusion

The bohemian style has been rising in notoriety since the turn of the 21st century. It has become a popular theme for modern weddings. Its main advantages are its eclectic feel and versatility for decorations, especially in regard to the wedding ceremony floral arrangement. Remember to take your time as you create your theme wedding. This way you will make it a happy and memorable occasion.

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