How to Plan a Great Outdoor Event

Planning the perfect outdoor event requires a whole host of intricate decisions, all of which take time and energy to conceive and execute. With all of the factors involved in planning any event, you will want to streamline the process as best you can. In addition, when you have to include the unpredictable nature of outdoor events, you have a lot more to juggle. Here are some things to keep in mind when figuring out how to set up for and plan a great outdoor event.

Take Into Consideration the Weather

In most areas, you can host an fun, engaging outdoor event in the months of March through November. Outside of this range, you may be pushing it, weather-wise. It’s best to plan far in advance. Ideally, you should be thinking of spring events in the fall, and summer events during the winter. Carefully examine the weather patterns of your area, and choose time frames that are most likely to have amicable temperatures.

You will also want to consider the wind conditions. This is particularly important if you are going to have tables set up outside. You will need table skirting clips to ensure the tables coverings are properly held in place. A table cloth can quickly turn into a kite without the right table skirting clips in place. This can send your napkins and other table linens flying, so think ahead about the table skirting clips you may need to accommodate potentially windy conditions.

Communicate Well With All Involved

Everything from the color scheme to the general layout to the position of guests is going to be a factor. It would be best to stay in constant communication with all parties involved so everything lines up just right. For example, if you have a DJ, you will want to ask if they need to have their table fully covered so that the table cloth goes all the way down to the ground, or if a smaller one would suffice. Many DJs want to hide wires as well as protect them from eager children who see an empty space under a table as a great hiding place.

You will also want to consider the different types of selfies people will be taking. What is the best way to provide your guests with a nice backdrop that could be used as a sort of “frame” for their selfies? If you coordinate the colors of fitted tablecloths (with neutral table skirting clips) with the drapes provided by a supplier, the uniform color scheme can provide a handy backdrop for great selfies. Getting this right takes ample communication up-front.

Consider the Food First

Next to the fun they have, the most memorable thing about your event for your guests is going to be the food. If you have the kinds of foods that everybody loves, you’ve accomplished only about half of your objective. Regardless of the type of event you are hosting or planning, eating is likely not going to be the focal activity. However, if the food is too messy to eat, clean up, or serve, eating can significantly disturb the primary activities of the day or evening. Plan your menu so that it includes foods that will not invade the rest of the fun or force guests to eat so carefully that they miss out on the enjoyment of the experience.

Some foods that work very well include finger foods such as appetizers including vegetables and fruit. Guests also tend to enjoy simple snacks that remind them of those they had when they were much younger. These may include stacks of meats and cheeses, small sandwiches, and artfully contrived snacks sitting on crackers. These are fun to eat and not messy. For the main course, try to avoid sloppy pasta, regardless of the type of sauce. Either your guest or their neighbor’s outfit may be in the line of fire of a determined drop of pasta sauce. Also, if something must be eaten with the fingers, make sure it can easily fit into your guest’s mouth, even if it has to be taken in one bite at a time. Chicken wings, chicken fingers, and other small treats work well.

With these tips, your event will be a lot of fun and create great memories for all.

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