How to Pick the Right Design for Your Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is a token of a lifelong commitment, which is why people take so much trouble to find a unique design. For both men and women, custom engagement rings are a way of ensuring that their choice meets their personal vision as well as the highest standards of the jeweler’s craft. After all, it will serve as a reminder of that special day when you decided to formally merge your lives. Many jewelers offer custom jewelry design and will work with couples to help them come up with a design that expresses their own deepest values and hopes.

Why choose a custom engagement ring?
An engagement ring is the ultimate gift, which comes with the promise of a lifetime of love and commitment, through good times and bad, heavy weather or smooth sailing, and everything in between. It’s small object to hold such a big promise, and that’s why people have so many emotions invested in choosing just the right ring. Engagement rings nowadays are for men as well as women, with nearly a third or 29% of men choosing to wear this enduring sign of commitment.
Many jewelers also offer the choice of custom-designed engagement rings and will work with couples to create the right look. More and more couples are choosing this option, and by 2017, nearly half, or 45% of all engaged couples bought custom designed rings. This means that your get to choose the stone or the stones, the setting, and the metal used for the ring. The jewelers supply the technical skill in putting it all together into a lasting and beautiful piece of jewelry.

Should you design your own ring?
It’s easier now than ever before to find just the right ring, with the perfect combination of design, shape, and stones to express your love. Most jewelers have online stores as well. In fact, it can be a good idea to shop online first even if you decide in the end to make your purchase in person. There are many different styles to choose from, and it can help to do a little research before picking your custom jewelry design.
When choosing an engagement ring, it’s a good idea to look for designs to match a lifestyle. After all, you will be wearing the ring for a long, long time. For brides, the most important design element of the ring is its shape, and 56% give it the highest priority. Only 5% felt that the color of the ring and the stones were the most important feature.

What is the right style for you?
There are three main styles of engagement rings. Vintage rings are delicate, with detailed work inspired by heirlooms and antique jewelry. The central diamond may be surrounded by smaller ones, in an intricate setting. They have a feminine, romantic character and match flowing dresses, lace and floral prints.
Modern rings have sleeker designs with channel settings with open shanks. They are usually geometric in style and can be influenced by architectural styles. They reflect a hip and adventurous personality, with clothing to match. Classic rings feature a solitaire or three stones in channel settings, with a thin band. These speak of simple, timeless elegance and a classic sense of style.

Many couples are choosing to opt for their own custom jewelry design to create an engagement ring that speaks of their values and dreams. Custom engagement rings are becoming a popular choice among couples who want to mark this important step in their lives in a unique manner.

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