Wedding photographer editing service

Many people might question the necessity of calling in the photography editing companies to improve their photographs. In today’s society of hyper-frequent image sharing on Instagram (allegedly 70 million photos shared a day), we have grown accustomed to the amateur photograph as a visual reference point. Indeed, for the purposes of social media, most pictures taken on a smartphone will suffice. But when real money enters the picture, and the quality of your photographs may determine the value of your property when it comes time to sell, then professional photo editing may be a must.
What evidence is there to show that photo quality is so essential for reselling one’s home? Let’s take a look at the facts:

  • Taking pictures with a better camera alone is a huge asset to the home sales process. 64 percent of homes in the $400k-$500k price range that were represented using photos from a DSLR camera sold within six months, compared to 46 percent of similarly priced homes represented using point-and-shoot photos. The price also tended to increase across the board for homes initially listed between $200k and $1 million when DSLR cameras were used to take the pictures. Already, we can see a correlation between picture quality and the speed and price at which a home is sold.
  • No matter the quality of your camera, there are certain digital photo editing services that are best provided by photography editing companies. These services include photo retouching, professional photo styling, color correction services, professional photo book printing, and many other options. Given that 1.8 billion photos are shared online every day, and 92% of home buyers using the Internet for their search, it is crucial to have online images of your home that stand out from the pack. Photography editing companies have the experience and resources you need to give the pictures of your home that added zing so that they catch the eye of prospective buyers.

Talk to a professional photo editing company today to learn more about how your home can sell faster and pricier with their help. Comment below with thoughts, experiences and suggestions.

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