Here are Three Reasons to Donate Your Used Clothing to Charity

It’s probably happened to you at least once. You look around your closet and dressers and realize you have way too many clothes. They’re all good, usable items, but there are outfits you know you haven’t worn in close to a year, maybe even some you forgot you had. The general rule of thumb is, if you haven’t worn an outfit in six months or longer, it’s time to let that item go. While it might be tempting to simply throw the clothing you don’t use away, it is far better to donate clothing to charity, for example to a charity that provides military support. This article will take a look at several reasons why you should donate your used clothing to charitable organizations.

  • Donating or Recycling Keeps Excess Waste out of the Landfill: One reason to donate or recycle your used clothing is because it keeps excess waste out of the landfill. Currently, Americans only recycle or donate about 15 percent of their used clothing, while the rest, over 10 million tons per year, goes straight to the landfill. That’s a lot of clothing that gets thrown away. By focusing on donating or recycling more clothing, there’s the potential for millions of pounds of clothing to not get sent to the landfill every year.
  • Donating Clothes Opens Up Space in Your Closet: Another reason to donate your gently used clothing because it can open up a lot of extra space in your closet and in your dresser. Americans own more clothing per person than ever before, and that clothing takes up a lot of space. For example, in 1930 the average American woman only owned nine outfits. Today, the average woman owns at least 30 outfits, a huge increase in clothing. By donating to a charity, the clothes you no longer need won’t be taking up space in your closet, allowing you to better organize the clothing you do wear on a regular basis.
  • Clothing Donations Go to Charities that are Helping Families in Need: A third reason to donate your used clothing instead of throwing it away is because your donations can go to a number of charities that support people in need. These include charities that provide military support with their contributions. It’s always good to support charities by donating your used clothing because, instead of going to waste in a closet for years to come, these clothing items will instead go to people who need them


In conclusion, there are several reasons to donate your used clothing to charity. There are many charities that pick up donations, including charities that provide military support and help families in need. Also, donating clothing helps to keep excess waste out of the landfill, and it opens up valuable space in your closet or dresser. These are just a few of the reasons to donate your used clothing to charity.

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