Fall Fashion Trends For the Modern 2015 Fashionista

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As summer fades and the trees start to change, so do the fashion trends. With the colder months just around the corner, designers are turning to the hottest trends appearing in all the newest runway shows. We’ve analyzed the newest releases to provide you with three of the hottest trends sweeping the nation this Fall season.

Boho Style

Bohemian fashion is back and better than ever! During Fall 2015, top fashion designers will release boho style clothes with influences directly from the 70s style hippie clothes. Look for an increase in long dresses and suits with mismatched patches of colorful fabrics. Bohemian fashion is also known for it’s long silhouettes, so ankle-length dresses will be hot during the colder seasons. Don’t forget to accessorize with an armful of chuck beaded bracelets, and other fashion jewelry.


Designs featuring fringe have popped up in all of the latest fashion line reveals. We’ve seen fringe on coats, jacks, skirts, and even accessories like hand bags. It doesn’t matter if it’s thick shreds, or tiny dangling strings, fringe is taking over the runway. Try a strapless mini dress with some fringe at the bottom for a cute, flapper-inspired club outfit. Everyone will love the way your clothing moves with you!


Overalls are no longer just for children and farmers. In fact, they’re now one of the hottest fashion trends to hit 2015. Since last spring, overalls have slowly become the next must-have piece for every fashionista’s closet. Several styles of overalls have been spotted in recent street fashion, such as a full body pair that shows off long legs, or cut off to resemble cute denim shorts.

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