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Women love to play around with their hair. It has been estimated that between they are 13 and 65 years old the typical woman will cut, color or just change their hair style at least twice a year. That equals getting about 104 visits to local hair salons over the course of a lifetime. When asked, about 58% say they are planning some change in their hair. For many, this change is to make them feel better about themselves and their appearance. At least 38% report feeling more confident about themselves after changing the look of their hair. A full quarter say they want to totally “reinvent” themselves when they change their look. When you add in the weather, especially in climates that are hot and humid, you have a fantastic recipe for frizz. It matters little if your hair is curly or straight, some time in the elements can unleash the frizz. That is where professional Brazilian blowout services come in handy. No matter what damage you have done to your hair or what the weather throws at it, your hair can handle it after one of these treatments.

What are professional Brazilian blowout services?

While the practice has been around for a while, you can be forgiven for not knowing the process or how it keeps the frizz away from your hair. Unlike other hair treatments, when you get professional Brazilian blowout services, your hair will not suffer. In fact, the process can help repair your hair. All the hair coloring, hair tools that use heat and everything else you do can really hurt the shaft of your hair. This treatment smoothes your hair cuticles to naturally get rid of frizz.

Many hair salons use special formulas that are rich in nutrients. The damage can be repaired and your hair is in better shape to cope with whatever you throw at your hair.

What can I expect at the beauty salon?

First, your stylist will give you a relaxing cleaning treatment for your hair. Many people report that this is one of their favorite parts of any visit to a salon. Next, your hair is divided into sections. This helps your stylist get the treatment solution on all of your hair evenly. If you are looking for straight hair, your hair will be dried to be perfectly straight. To further the effect, a flat iron will be used. After the style is set, you get a deep conditioning treatment.The last part is another dry and styling session so you look your best when you leave the spa.

If you like curly hair, fear not! If you have curly hair, the professional Brazilian blowout services will not get rid of them. Rather this treatment will allow you to have frizz free curls that everyone will want. This is not a “one size fits all” kind of beauty treatment. You can keep your hair in the styles you like the best, you just lose the frizz, not your look.

The other good news is that you will not have to spend the day at the salon. The typical time people spend getting professional Brazilian blowout services is an hour and a half. Not only that, it will take less time for you to get your look every day. While there are some tips your hair stylist will give you, it will not take a lot of work to keep your look once you are home. You can get some products to use on it and that is about it to have great hair for 12 weeks (or more!).

How often will I have to go back?

Another perk is that the effects of professional Brazilian blowout services last for about three months. A lot of this depends on your hair but that is about average. You can also do all of the things you want to do when you want to do them. Unlike other services, like perms, you can wash it, go swimming or work out right away.


Everyone wants their hair to look good, no matter what style they are going for. When you treat yourself to professional Brazilian blowout services, you get great looking and healthier hair. This is a total win-win.

Everything You Need to Know About Professional Brazilian Blowout Services

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