Eco Friendly Replacements for Plastic Bags

Bags are a universal concept and are used around the world to carry nearly anything that will fit inside. This may range from buying groceries at the store or items at an electronic store all the way to wedding tote bags or picnic bags. This means that there’s some variance among the types of bags in use across the United States today, and some of them are more durable or more environmentally-friendly than others. Many Americans are used to using thin plastic bags at grocery stores and other retailers, and such bags are cheap and convenient for the store to order in bulk wholesale. But plastic bags are known to aggressively pollute the natural environment, and besides that, sometimes they’re too thin or plain for the job. This is where wholesale cotton totes, wedding tote bags, heavy duty canvas bags, and more might be used instead. Many Americans are, in fact, making a concerted effort to replace thin plastic gags with heavy duty tote bags and other durable bag models. And special occasions, meanwhile, are no place for cheap plastic bags. Wedding tote bags are the finer choice.

Replacing Plastic

As mentioned above, Americans are very used to using the thin plastic bags found in most retailers, especially grocery stores. These bags are affordable for the store to order in bulk, and there is a staggering number of them in use across the United States today. These bags are conveniently lightweight and disposable for the user, but the bad news is that such bags are infamous for polluting the natural world. Plastic bags don’t degrade, and they rapidly choke an ecosystem and add a lot of bulk to landfills. Such bags often end up in the ocean along with other plastic trash, and marine animals often mistake them for jellyfish and other food. If the animal doesn’t immediately choke on them, then the bags may take up space in their stomach and cause them to starve. A number of dead marine animals have been opened up, and plastic bags were found in their stomachs. Many Americans are concerned about this.

The good news is that an effort is being made to phase out plastic bags in favor of wholesale bags and totes made of cotton or nylon that shoppers may buy for a low price and use. Such bags can be used over and over in place of plastic bags, and just one reusable bag may replace nearly 700 plastic ones during its lifetime of use. This can add up fast, and one person who uses reusable bags across their lifetime may remove over 22,000 plastic bags from the environments. If that is compounded across many thousands of Americans, that translates to millions of plastic bags that were never used and never polluted the natural environment. Many would argue that the need to use such reusable bags is urgent, because a lot of plastic bags are used today: over one trillion per year, or two million every minute.

What Tougher Bags Can Do

It can be said with confidence that while replacing plastic bags with reusable cotton ones is good for the environment, but they’re also good for the user. Plastic bags are lightweight, but they’re thin, and may easily tear and can’t easily handle heavy or hard objects with points or edges on them. What is more, such bags don’t have any means of insulation. Instead, tough cotton bags are far more durable, and they can carry much heavier and harder loads than plastic ones can. This makes them convenient for many shoppers. On top of that, some bags are built with insulation, and they are a fine choice for cold groceries or bringing cold food or drinks to a picnic or other event. These tough bags not only have insulation material and handles, but also zip-closed lids to preserve the cold environment inside. Wine tote bags may be designed like this, too.

Durable bags may also be used as wedding tote bags, and they can serve as festive gift bags for wedding guests. These are much more classy and durable than plastic bags, and can carry all sorts of items inside. They may also have patterns or decorations sewn onto them.

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