Helping families in need is an act that doesn’t require a holiday. It’s just a wonderful thing to do.

The new year is upon us. There are plenty of wonderful opportunities to get in touch with your generosity and make the world a little bit of a better place to live. Charitable clothing donations are a simple place you can get started helping out, as easy as digging around in your closet and choosing ill-fitting shirts. Donating clothes to charity instead of dumping them in landfills is also incredibly eco-friendly. You can even save some money on your taxes if you keep your receipt.

Not sure where to get started with all this information? Try out this step-by-step guide so you can get this year started on the right foot.

Remove Poorly Fitting Or Unwanted Styles From Your Closet First

Here’s a good way to weed out clothes you don’t need anymore. Choose the ones you haven’t worn in a long time because the style clashes with your new tastes. Try on others that you haven’t picked up much lately and see if they still fit. Today the average American purchases 10 pounds of previously used clothing every year. That cardigan you no longer care for or too-small pair of skinny jeans could become someone’s next great find.

Make Sure Your Clothes Are Gently Used And Suitable For Donation

Have you found a few unwanted shirts or sweaters yet? Your next step is to make sure they’re gently used. This means no holes, burns, or cuts, all the better to keep these clothing articles suitable for being put up on the rack. The recovery rate for used clothing and textiles, as determined by a 2011 study, was around 15% in the United States. It’s becoming pretty common to visit thrift stores, with much of the stigma around used clothes being lifted in light of a struggling economy. Even damaged clothes can be useful, however.

Separate Gently Used Clothes And Damaged Clothes Into Two Bundles

Do you have some clothes that are too tattered and damaged? Give them a separate box or bag all their own, as they can still do some good. Back in 2007 nearly $6 billion worth of clothing related donations were made to charity foundations. It’s also been proven at least 90% of household textiles can be easily recycled without losing their strength or durability. This includes spandex, cotton, wool…just about anything you can donate will go a long way in helping out your community.

Consider Calling Your Charity And Asking For High-Demand Items

Want to level up your donation game a little? You can better start helping families in need by calling up your local charity and asking them what their in-demand items are. This is particularly helpful during extreme seasons where certain items can be harder to find, such as thick socks for winter and swimsuits for summer. A recent study found that, of the two million tons of used clothing Americans recycle each year, a little less than half is worn again. Donate smart and ask upfront what your nearby Purple Heart is look for.

Call For Donation Pick Up Services When You’re Busy

If your schedule is a little too tight for donating, never fear. Helping families in need has never been easier thanks to the advent of pick up clothing donations services. All you have to do is call your charity, ask them about their pick up schedule, and give them directions. Make sure your box or bags are clearly labeled so they know where to put them. Today it’s estimated 95% of Americans participate in some level of charitable giving, with clothing donations and houseware donations the most popular by a landslide.

Do some good this year. Start the year by helping families in need and clean up the environment by getting rid of those shirts you don’t wear anymore.

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