Every year, the average American family spends about $1,700.00 shopping for clothes. The average woman in America, for example, has 30 outfits in her closet. Men also tend to have quite a few items, followed by children and teenagers, who constantly want or need new clothes. It may not be surprising to note that clothes, shoes, and a variety of items are often misplaced. At this time, many people may realize that they need to be better organized.

How to Become Better Organized

Some individuals and families will obviously be more organized than others. Given work, school, and other activities, many people may postpone organizing or reorganizing their belongings. Experts have determined that people will spend a total of 3,680 hours in order to locate items that they’ve misplaced. This amounts to 153 days which could be better spent enjoying family outings and activities.

There are so many unique ways to become organized. Keeping it simple, however, can be one of the more practical and easy ways to start the process. Another way to become better organized is to handle one project at a time. When closets, cupboards, and shelves are overflowing with items, this can also be the perfect time to clean them out and go through them item by item. When clothes, shoes, and toys have been outgrown or not used for a while, these can be donated to local organizations.

Clear Acrylic Hangers and Other Storage Supplies

Since you’re planning to reorganize your closets and other storage spaces, it’s a good idea to have enough supplies on hand to do so. In addition to clear acrylic hangers, you may want to add an air of elegance with matching velvet hangers. If you have a hall closet to store your fall and winter coats, solid wood hangers are quite sturdy.

Closet storage bins are a convenient place to store sweaters, scarves, purses, and accessories. These bins are also perfect for storing children’s toys and art supplies. If you’d like to add a bit of color to a room, there are decorative storage bins as well. Once you complete reorganizing all of your family’s belongings, just imagine how much easier it will be to find everything that you need!

Create More Time to Enjoy Life by Reorganizing Your Closets and Cupboards

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