If you’re looking to make a difference in this world, consider donating your used textiles and clothing items to various charitable organizations. After all, everything from charitable clothing donations to houseware donations are hugely important for many a charitable organization. From wounded veterans charities to the American Red Cross, charitable donations are typically always going […]

Picture this: You’re in your bedroom, surrounded by clothes. There’s clothes hanging up in your closes; clothes on your shelves; closing hanging out of laundry baskets; clothes laying loose on the floor. As you look around your room, you’re enveloped by a sense of dread, wondering what the heck you’re going with those clothes. While […]

Americans are known as being master consumers. In a time when many in the U.S. are still caught up in buying the items that are on sale, even when they are not needed, a growing number of concerned citizens are moving away from simply focusing on themselves and instead helping families in need. Clothes are […]