cartilage piercing: The Solution To Migraines

Are migraines a frequent issue in your life? It is estimated that over 37 million Americans suffer from migraines. Some of the migraine studies estimate that about 13% of the adults in the American population have migraines, and 2-3 million of those migraine sufferers are chronic in the pain they experience. It’s sad truth to swallow, but have no fear, because all that can go away through the simple use of getting a cartilage piercing.

A cartilage piercing is a piercing that works as a form of jewelry. By simply getting a cartilage piercing that will go on your nose or your ear, you’ll be able to get rid of the constant throbbing on your head. According MigrainePal survey, over 47% of the respondents had reported that their migraines had become much less frequent after they obtained a daith piercing, which is really a cartilage piercing. Another 50% said their daith piercing reduced the severity of their migraine attacks.

Tattoos And cartilage piercing

A cartilage piercing is really a form of decoration, much like a tattoo, and around 14% of Americans, regardless of age have at least one tattoo on their body. There are also an exact amount of 21,000 tattoo parlors in the United States, which only means there is plenty variety of decoration to go around. Whether you are getting a piercing or a tattoo, there is no arguing against the simple fact that there is a great realm of creativity to be explored through these acts themselves. Take Elaine Davidson of Scotland for example, who holds the record for the most body piercings. Since May 2016, Davidson has had over 9,800 piercings. This is really no real surprise, given that over 33% of women who have had bodily piercings reported they even had their own naval pierced.

Now, going more into tattoos, several fun facts to take into account include the simple fact that a 2015 Harris Poll estimated that about 47% of Millennials and 36% of Gen Xers have all claimed to have at least one tattoo on their body. Approximately 49% of those individuals with tattoos think the reputation of tattoo artist or tattoo studio where they get there tattoo is the most important factor when choosing where to get the ink that supports both the art and style of their tattoo. In regards to where tattoos go for in terms of price, a small tattoo’s average cost estimates to about $45. A larger tattoo, you can go for something that estimates to about $150 an hour, and that’s simply on an average scale. How many tattoos a persons decides to get because sometimes, people who get tattoos wind up covering them up. It is actually estimated that around 5% of people in the United States have covered up a tattoo they already had with another another. And when discussing the issue of tattoo removal, 11% of Americans make up that margin, whether they have already had their tattoo removed, or are in the process of it getting it removed.

In Conclusion

Whether American’s focus their bodily creativity on getting a cartilage piercing or a tattoo, the one thing that can be denied is the alleviation that either act can promise. Cartilage piercing has a greater prospect in that it can help to eliminate something as bad as the chronic pain associated with a migraine. A tattoo can simply make a person feel better in that they are marking their body with something that is inherently artistic in nature. If you wan’t to know more about where you can get a tattoo, then googling and choosing a tattoo artist is the right start. It’s important that you do your research in choosing an artist, regardless of whether it is in the act of getting a piercing or a tattoo given how delicate these matters can be. The last thing you’d want to is to end up with the type of infection that would lead to either a painful tattoo removal, or a piercing removal.

cartilage piercing The Solution To Migraines

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