Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Wedding with Simple Bridal Bouquets

With all the little but important details that go into making a wedding a success, flowers are the most important component that ensures you achieve exactly while expressing your desired theme as a couple. However, modern weddings are witnessing a lot of simplicity when it comes to choosing wedding flower arrangements and bridal bouquets. Unlike a few decades backs, where flowers used to be the centerpiece of any wedding, today’s couples are going for understated celebration with nothing too elaborate.

Simple can be fun and striking too, if balanced well. Here are few ideas on some of the simple wedding bouquets you can easily find at your local floral boutiques.

1. Single Bloom Bouquets

Whether you’re working on a budget, looking for something different or just simple with your selection of wedding bouquets, opt for a single bloom. If you can find a large type that’s even better – anything from a dahlia, calla lily or peony single bloom bouquet will offer a minimal and elegant look to complement your bride’s maids.

Try a pink protea single bloom bouquet – it offers a dramatic look with its attractive linear leaves and pink coloration for a beautiful bridal bouquet. If you’re not comfortable holding a huge single stem bloom, consider a medium or normal-sized bloom.

2. Single Flower Stem

If the bride’s desire is to go with something extremely simple, a single flower stem would be ideal for her bridesmaids. In this case, the bride can go ahead and steal the show with a simple wedding bouquet made of bright color peonies or roses. You can get different types of single long flower stems on most floral boutiques.

3. Same Flower-Same Color Flower

Buying flowers in bulk is inexpensive, especially when you want a bouquet made of same type of flowers with matching colors. Instead of having a bouquet mixed with different types of flowers, go for single color flowers that offer that simplicity that you need.

4. Same Flower-Different Colors

Choosing a simple bouquet made of the same flowers with multiple colors rather than a single-colored same flower bouquet is a great option for those looking for both elegance and simplicity. You can combine two colors, for example, red-pink, pink-yellow, red-yellow for roses. Or, try other types of flowers that have different colored blossoms. The two-colored simple wedding bouquet, in particular, is perfect for a bride while bridesmaids can have a single-colored bouquet like pink, red, cream or orange.

5. Hand Tied Wedding Bouquet

This is a simple yet popular choice for a bridal bouquet and it ideal for both the bride and her bridesmaids. It features a naked stem which apart from adding texture and design, it’s used as the handle.
You only need to buy a bunch of flowers – visit floral boutiques for that, then using a little floral tape start wrapping the ribbon around the stems. A loosely bundled flower bouquet is also a cool and casual style you can try.

6. Rainbow Flower Bouquet

Not many flowers come in a range of colors, however, you can find one and then pick the variety of colors to create a simple and colorful bridal bouquet. Tulips, for example, are a popular type of wedding flowers that come in a contrast of colors, complementing wedding decorations, table settings and arrangements. Best of all,
you can play around with this option and design a custom-looking bouquet for the bride and her girls.

7. Petite Bridal Bouquet

A petite bridal bouquet is one of the most simple wedding bouquets you can get. The bouquet can comprise of small rosebuds, sweet peas, smaller maidenhair ferns, and baby’s wreath. For bridesmaids, they can carry a stalk of rosebud snuggled between ferns, which helps to break down the vibrant rose colors.

Most of these flowers are readily available in floral boutiques and choosing to go with simple wedding bouquets offers your wedding flair and touch it deserves. They are simple and elegant, sophisticated yet affordable for those working on a budget. However, you need to carefully consider your options by consulting with a florist or wedding decorators to find the best bridal flowers for your big day.

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