Most people think that a company should run or release new advertisements frequently in order to help in the promotion of its business. The majority of companies are aware that they have to update and release at least one ad a week. Companies also know that they need to keep their current customers updated and businesses should target potential customers by running captivating ads. My website’s mission is to help companies that are trying to hit their weekly target. I’m Robin Cotard. I’m an advertising whiz who enjoys helping companies achieve high customer satisfaction and an increase in their number of followers. I am extremely creative, hard-working, and I won’t sleep until I have achieved the final result that I’ve pictured for my client. I have worked with a variety of businesses to create advertisements, which have been advantageous in generating business for these companies. My website provides businesses with a variety of information about advertisements. Different topics that I cover are: how to put together a successful ad, how to target your ads, how to release them at a regular pace, and how to make sure that these ads lead to actual sales. I hope that my website is very informative on how to target advertisements to customers!


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