A Wallet That Holds Coins and How it Can Be Built

As of today, identity fraud is one of the most common crimes across the U.S., with almost 17 million cases having occurred in 2017 alone. Now, there is much less to consider of the loss of cash when a wallet or purse is stolen, especially with fewer people shopping today with cash, but you likely also find yourself at a greater risk during the use of today’s payment technologies and online shopping applications. While you may not lose an ID or your credit cards, issues with working online may cause a much greater risk to loss of identity. So, would there be much benefit to carrying a wallet that holds coins?

Build Your Own Wallets of Many Types

So, with many types of wallets available, you have the option to build your own wallet, even if you like the idea of having a wallet that holds coins. Most people do not carry coins on a daily basis, but it could still be a helpful asset when you shop with cash and expect to be receiving change from all retail stores. Even greater safety regarding identity protection exists with more than a wallet alone. The wallet that would be in your back pocket (for men) or in your purse (for women). With so many wallet and other options available to meet your specific needs, you can easily hold all of your cards, including IDs and many other items in a safe and protected place. Even with the options of digital payment apps today, there is much more to be considered for the safety you already recognize as a need, especially if you have faced an issue in the past of fraud or stolen identity.

Carbon fiber prototypes are much stronger than many natural fibers used for clothing and other items, while making carbon fiber wallets that have a much greater strength and longer life. Additionally, from the wallet to billfold or money clip, there are other types of carrying options for money as well. Whether you want a wallet that holds coins or not, you still have the option to work with carbon fiber for the strength and longevity of any of these items.

Different Types of Carbon Fiber Wallets

So, you know already that there is no need to have a wallet that holds coins, especially without the need for cash hardly at all today. Over time the most common types of wallets were made of carbon fiber, developed through composite engineering and composite technology while there is also custom carbon fiber manufacturing that helps develop incredibly strong fibers, basically defined as being strong as steel. Your need for a carbon fiber wallet is one of the most important improvements, and carbon fiber works to develop strong materials and products that take on the most wear and tear. Different products made of like carbon fiber include wallets, minimalist money clips, and many others are available. With the production of carbon fiber for many different strong materials, there are a number of different types of strong wallets and holders including:

  • Carbon fiber wallets
  • Carbon fiber credit card wallets
  • Aluminum billfolds
  • Quick access thin credit card wallets
  • Titanium wallet money clips
  • Ultra slim wallets
  • Aluminum wallet with money clip

Carbon Fiber Specifications

Given the weight and overpowering stress of the coin, it is helpful to have the strength of carbon fiber when you do want a wallet that holds coins. They are made of composite engineering and composite technology together, manufactured effectively to the strength of stainless steel. While developed from polyacrylonitrile (PAN), these are all much stronger than the natural fibers that are typically used for clothing and other much simpler materials. With many uses for carbon fiber materials, it is great to know some of the specifications of carbon fiber and PAN, including it being 5-10 microns in diameter, recognized as only slightly wider than spider silk. Carbon fiber is also known to be about ten times the strength of steel when measured at only about half the weight (all in comparison to one small section). And, finally, PAN-based carbon fibers contain high strength and about 1,000 KSI strength.

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