A Step by Step Guide to Making a Wedding Bouquet

Weddings are meant to be cheerful and breathtakingly beautiful. Matter of fact, almost every woman has a picture of her perfect wedding in their head. In the ideal wedding picture, a splendid floral arrangement must be the centrepiece. Nobody wants to miss anything at their wedding because it might happen once in a lifetime anyway. Here is all information you need to create a perfect wedding bouquet.

Prepare a Floral Checklist

As we have said, your wedding should be without the slightest fault. Therefore, before the wedding date, you need to prepare a floral arrangement plan.

Personal Flowers

Several people at your wedding get individual flowers. The bride, as well as the bridesmaids need flowers too. Other people who need personal flowers include the groom’s boutonnieres, ring bearer’s boutonniere, flower girls, and the parents.

Reception Flowers

Your wedding reception should have both warmth and glam. You need a perfect blend of flowers to make sure the whole place surpasses everyone’s expectations. At the reception, you need to decorate the cocktail table and cake table. You also need to have getaway car floral arrangements.

Centrepieces at the reception also matter a lot. Pay attention to every detail, and nothing will go wrong.

Types of Wedding Bouquets

When it comes to wedding bouquets, you are spoilt for choice. If you are confused, there is no shame in asking for help. Let’s look at some of the options you have.

Cascade Bouquets

A cascade bouquet is what you need if you don’t mind some drama on your wedding day. It doesn’t matter whether roses or a blend of wild apples in your bouquet. However, keep in mind that being too extra means more weight.

Composite Bouquet

The idea behind a composite bouquet is to make it look like one giant rose, while in the real sense, it’s not. To make a composite bouquet, one rose is placed at the centre, followed by singular petals around it. Although it is considered to be vintage, you can work around it and achieve a modern look.

Hand-Tied Bouquets

This bouquet gives you some level of freedom. It is the perfect pick if you are planning to have an outdoor wedding. The good thing with a hand-tied bouquet is that there are no restrictions. You can use any flower and still get it right.

Factors to Consider While Designing Your Bridal Bouquets

Your floral arrangement speaks volumes about your wedding day. Remember, the flowers will appear in every picture. Therefore, you cannot choose anything anytime.

The Season

Flowers are seasonal. While some might be in season on your wedding day, others might not. Choose flowers that are in season, to get them still fresh. You will also spend less. However, some flowers, such as roses, are available all year round.


You must have some inspiration for your wedding day. If you are working with a florist, let them know about the idea you have in mind, so that you can settle on the perfect wedding bouquet.

Color Scheme

That goes without saying. The choice of your flowers should go hand in hand with the color scheme of your wedding. If the theme is red, you most probably should choose red roses.

Making DIY Wedding Bouquets

Learning how to make a DIY wedding bouquet is not difficult. Anyone can do it, including you. Who wouldn’t like saving a penny or two? A DIY wedding bouquet will save you money, and you will have fun while at it. Follow these steps for a perfect DIY flower bouquet.

  • Assemble all the flowers you will require. You can get them from a flower market, or a wholesale florist.
  • Prepare your workspace. You can work from anywhere, however, consider space that is easy to clean afterward.
  • Prepare your flowers. You can either use bare hands or a stem stripper. At this stage, ensure that all stems are almost equal in length.
  • Put the flowers together. You will need floral tape for the job.
  • Make any adjustments as you please.
  • Use floral tape to finish up the job, and your DIY wedding flower package is complete.

Getting affordable wedding bouquets in Dallas is easy. Make your wedding day floral arrangement as memorable as you can.

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