I should start by saying that I am a huge Target enthusiast. What I say might be a little biased, because I am one of the many that love shopping at Target. In my opinion, I have a funny little history concerning my relationship with Target. My town got their first Target about ten years ago. Up until then, it was something that existed only in foreign cities. When you are a kid, anything that is foreign is very interesting. Anytime that we would visit my aunt, we would shop at the local Target. Something about the store really drew me in, whether it was the bold red colors or the small food plaza. I remember my mother would always buy me a treat from the tiny little stand. She would get me anything from pretzels to hot dogs to frozen drinks. Probably besides that, it was not all that different from a Walmart or a similar store. As soon as I heard that my hometown was getting a Target, I instantly had to talk to my mother about it. She and I then recalled on all of those fond memories of shopping at a distant store, and decided we must visit. Since the first visit to the local Target store, I have been hooked. I now have to buy my own things, and anytime I need something I go there. I basically rotate my shopping with a local grocery store and the local Target. I love it for many reasons. First, the store is always quite clean and the staff has always been friendly. Everything is easy to find and clearly laid out, which for me is a huge plus. The second and most obvious reason I love Target is the prices. The products are all good quality, and the prices are not that bad either. I have found some great clothes, house supplies, and electronics for unbelievable prices. I might be a little biased, but I highly suggest you buy your household essentials at your local Target store.

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