Target stores are starting to pop up all over the country, and to me, it is no surprise. I would like to share you some of my experiences with Target stores so that you can see how Target stores have affected my life. Well I suppose it would be best to start with my first experiences at Target stores. I was probably ten years old, maybe a few years older or younger. I was on a family trip visiting an aunt, uncle, and two cousins. First you should know that my immediate family does all the traveling in my extended family. Many things contribute to this, some being laziness, unwillingness to travel, and also work conflicts. Some people might think that it is not fair, and in many ways it is not. But I am a glass is half full kind of guy. I look at my immediate family being the lucky ones. I have gotten to travel a lot in my short life, and every trip was good old fashioned family fun. Anyways, my immediate family traveled from Upstate New York all of the way to Indiana, which is where my aunt, uncle, and two cousins lived. It is also where I had my first experience with Target stores. The Target stores that I remember on this trip are of course slightly different than the ones I go to know, but the basic idea is the same. The color red was still the color that Target stores used back then. I remember that the Target stores we visited were very clean and very nice. My mom and her sister, my aunt, even had their own funny way of describing Target stores. They pronounced Target with a French accent. What I mean is they made the letter t silent and pronounced the letter e like a letter A, making the word Target sound French and classy. They did this because they both thought that Target stores were very nice and elegant, or at least elegant compared to their competition. I agree completely with them, and still to do this day, I pronounce Target stores with the French accent.

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