Target is a well known retailing company in the United States and is the second largest discount retailer after Wal-Mart. With a chain of stores spread all over the United States Target uses Target ads to keep customers informed of new discounts and deals offered in the stores. Shoppers look for the famous bulls-eye logo which is quite prominently displayed at all the outlets. Shoppers also search for Target ads in the local newspapers and on TV commercials to see what deals are on offer.

Target ads are promptly placed in the media and all the ads have the bully-eye logo which is so easily recognizable by customers. Target stores are always trying to increase their sales and advertise aggressively to stay ahead of the competition. Target ads are designed to be attractive, eye catching and attract customers to visit the stores. As the chain of stores is located across the United States, different advertising campaigns have to be designed and displayed for each of the stores. To achieve this goal Target ads are an ongoing campaign.

Target stores also started a new advertising campaign by which they allowed potential customers to print discount coupons on their personal computers. This Target ads campaign was very widely received by people and the campaign continues to successfully attract customers. Target ads tell people about weekly discounts being offered by the stores on various items.

Asides from the weekly Target ads campaigns, Target also advertise heavily during the holiday season. Promoting Christmas sales is a hallmark of Target ads and Target has hired many well known singers and celebrities to promote their sales. Cartoon campaigns are also a part of Target ads during the holiday season.

Because of the stiff competition in retail marketing Target advertises aggressively and uses all the advertising channels to keep customers interest live and to get them to come and shop at their stores. Target ads form an integral part of Target stores as without it customers would not know about the various deals on offer. Target ads have been so successful that housewives and shoppers lookout for Target ads to see what discounts are on offer. By offering various products on discounts Target stores ensure that people remain interested year round in visiting the stores. Target ads have helped Target stores to grow as a chain and to retain their place as the second largest retail chain of stores in the United States.

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