4 Unique Swim Team Shirt Design Ideas

A recent study found that there are almost 309,000 public swimming pools throughout the United States. Considering the amount of these locations, it’s no wonder that swimming is the fourth most popular activity in America. With that in mind, many schools are able to have their own swim teams. If your school has a swim team, it’s wise to ensure their wearing cool shirts. If you’re unable to come up with ideas for swim team shirts, you’ll want to keep reading. Here are four unique design ideas for swim team shirts.

  1. Creating a Vintage Look

    Adults who took swim classes as children or teenagers likely wore their own types of swim team shirts. Considering that, many modern swim teams enjoying wearing shirts with vintage designs. For instance, you could recreate designs on swim team shirts from the 1970s or 80s.
  2. Borrowing From Pop Culture

    Another popular idea is to design swim team shirts with sayings from pop culture. As an example, your swim team’s shirts should mention something about a recent movie or song. If you need help coming up with creative ideas, ask the students on your swim team, It’s likely that they will be able to come up with plenty of awesome ideas.
  3. Displaying Swim Event Credentials

    Students that play sports learn many important lessons. With that in mind, you likely coach many students who enjoy competing against other schools. Therefore, many swim teams enjoy placing swimming credentials on their shirts. If your students have won any recent swim team awards, place these credentials on team clothing.
  4. Something for Swim Team Parents

    Not all of your school’s swim team shirts need to be for the students. You’ll find that many parents enjoy purchasing and proudly wearing shirts of their own. For instance, you could create shirts for swim moms and dads who watch their children compete each week. This also helps to ensure that parents feel like a part of the team.

In conclusion, there are plenty of potential design ideas to consider placing on swim team shirts. Research shows that swimming the most popular recreational activity for both children and teenagers. If you coach a swim team, it’s wise to ensure a bond forms between all teammates. Fortunately, you can achieve this goal by ordering swim team shirts for each of these students to wear.

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