So you’ve met the woman of your dreams, you’ve proposed and presented her with the most beautiful engagement. You’ve planned the perfect wedding and you can’t wait for the big day. When that big day comes, you both will slip wedding rings on your fingers as a symbol of your everlasting love. They’ll be something […]

With all the little but important details that go into making a wedding a success, flowers are the most important component that ensures you achieve exactly while expressing your desired theme as a couple. However, modern weddings are witnessing a lot of simplicity when it comes to choosing wedding flower arrangements and bridal bouquets. Unlike […]

Event decorations are valuable in many locations and for many different celebrations that you may either be planning or hosting. Whether you work in a location that hosts events like parties, weddings, and others, or if you are a planner that works to meet the event details of those members of the party at focus, […]

Bohemian, refers to someone interested in music or the arts and usually conveys their artistic side in an unconventional style. Similarly, a bohemian theme is generally about nonconformity, romanticism, and vintage designs. It leans towards nature, earthy tones, and the outdoors. In other words, it is an eclectic mix of ideas you can use for […]

Studies show that 95.4% of Americans participate at some level of charitable giving. This giving doesn’t have to be financial in nature, it can also consist of donating used clothing items to the charitable organization of your choice. There are many organizations that accept charitable donations of used clothing items. Some organizations support military families, […]

Currently, 95.4 percent of Americans participate at some level of charitable giving. These charitable donations don’t have to be financial in nature, though they often are. Many times, charitable donations can consist of clothing donations that can consist of as many clothing items as you wish to donate. Making clothing donations is always important, because […]