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The sway that society has over most people is pretty remarkable, when you step back and really look at what is going on. Society determines the standards for beauty, class and age expectations, and so much more. Many people don’t think twice about the way that they function or perceive themselves or others, even though it is through a lens that society has built, usually for the benefit of businesses and corporations looking to make more money.

The standards for beauty in particular are especially ridiculous, and have caused great amounts of grief and trouble for countless individuals who strive to live up to something that is outside of the realm of the genetics they were born with. Rather than celebrating each of our natural looks, the airbrushed, polished image that society has decided equates beauty controls the actions and spending habits of more people than would care to admit it.

Getting rid of the natural

One of the most prominent areas that society has taken control of the perception of the people is the subject of hair on women. Women are always hairless in the perfect ideals of beauty that society perpetuates in media. While many women claim to choose to shave or wax, citing their discomfort or disgust with the hair on their bodies, it is worth asking the question why? That discomfort and disgust is most often not shared with the hair on the legs and under the arms of men in the same society, so how did we get to the point that so many women believe that they are making the conscious decision rather than being trained from an age younger than they can remember?

One sobering thought puts it all into perspective: over the course of her lifetime, the average American woman will spend over $10,000 on shaving products, and spend almost two whole months of their lives managing that “unwanted” natural part of themselves.

Choosing your own look

Of course, it can often be easier to move with the general perspectives of society than to fight against it. And hairless skin does feel quite nice. As long as the choice is that of the woman alone, and not the influence of society pressuring her to waste her precious time getting rid of what is natural, she should be able to make her look exactly what she wants it to be. If that means getting rid of hair, then so be it. To each her own.

If you do decide to keep your body free of hair, you have several options available to you. Of course, there is shaving and waxing, probably the two most popular ways to manage hair. But when it comes to eyebrows, many women are turning to eyebrow threading services instead. It all depends on the style of the individual. And eyebrow shaping is not just for women, of course. A strong eyebrow game will always turn heads, no matter who you are.

Shape your brows, shave your legs, wax wherever. But make sure you are making it your choice, and not society’s.

Your Perfect Eyebrows Should Perfectly Reflect Your Style

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