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For those of us with an excess of old clothing, charitable donations are a great way to help families in need as well as supporting organizations that can further help those people. In fact, many of us have already given charitable donations at some point in our lives – statistics show that nearly 95% of all people in the United States have participated in what is called “charitable giving” at least once.

Charitable donations in the form of used clothes is one of the most popular ways to support charities and those in need. In 2011 alone, for instance, around 2 million tons of charitable clothing donations were made or recycled in the United States. These charitable donations are particularly beneficial for veterans, as they are at a heightened risk of unemployment and homelessness. In fact, unemployment rates for veterans tend to be about a whole 2% above whatever is the national average. In 2013, around 200,000 veterans were unable to find stable work. Fortunately, military charities can help veterans and their families in getting back on their feet, and clothing donations in general tend to go towards helping needy families around 80% of the time, meaning that if you donate old clothes, it’s highly likely that you will be directly helping a person in need.

Donations of old clothing can also have a positive impact on the environment. Here in the United States, each American is estimated to generate about five pounds of trash every single day. And around twelve tons of clothing waste is discarded every single year in the United States. Donating clothes is one way that Americans can reduce the amount of waste they create, and buying used clothing has become more popular than ever. In fact, it’s estimated that, on average, a person in the United States buys about ten pounds of used clothing every single year.

When looking into making a charitable donation of used clothing, it’s important to look into the donation guidelines of the site you plan on donating at. However, you shouldn’t worry about the condition of your old clothes, as 100% of all used clothing is able to be donated. If the clothes aren’t fit to be worn any longer, they can be given new life in other ways, such as torn up and used for couch stuffing. No matter where your clothes end up, what’s important is that you’ve kept them out of the landfills while simultaneously helping someone or someones in need.

Why We Should All Donate Our Old Clothes

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