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People are often told not to sweat the small stuff, but what does this famous — and kind of annoying — saying really mean anyway? The small stuff is unique and individual to each person. What one person thinks is a big deal may be considered petty or negligible to another.

For example, nomophobia or fear of being without your cell phone is real phobia for many people whereas others may consider it utterly ridiculous. Which group is right? Neither! Each individual is entitled to their feelings and their feelings, especially a phobia, should not be minimized.

Is there anything that everyone/em> can agree on that actually a big deal? Actually, there is!

Hair has and always will be kind of a big deal. And while many people view the lucrative hair extensions industry as a modern business, hair extensions have been around since the dawn of mankind. Literally. Ancient cultures all over the globe from North America, to Africa, to Europe, to Asia used hair extensions to beautify or add length and add body to hair.

A prime example of a civilization and culture that held a borderline obsession with weave or extensions was ancient Egypt. The Egyptians were known for their detailed and highly intricate beauty rituals, as well as their elaborate and high quality weaves and natural hair. At it’s height, the ancient Egyptian empire was the best place for hair extensions in north Africa, if not the entire ancient world. It’s safe to say the natural hair and weaves of the ancient Egyptians was on point.

Fast forward to today, and it’s easy to find the best place for hair extensions right at your fingertips. The internet, particularly social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, have made it easier than ever to find the best place hair extensions. Stylists and hair salon shops are able to connect with their current and potential clients in ways that were impossible decades ago.

It’s often been said that there’s nothing new under the sun and if there’s anything that proves this saying true it’s the annual Bronner Brother’s Hair Show that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. Of all the hair salon events in hair salon industry, the Bronner Brother’s Hair Show is considered the end all be all. Hair and make up artists, in addition to eager hair lovers from across the descend on Atlanta each year to attend this artistic event.

Not only is the Bronner Brother’s Hair Show by far the best place for hair extensions, it’s also the premiere event to learn more about hair in general. Attendees can be dazzled by a runway of artistic hair styles while learning more about hair products and maintenance from vendors.

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