Custom embroidered beach towel

Finding the perfect way to promote your brand can prove to be a time-consuming process. There are a lot of ways that you can promote your brand, particularly through the means of brand recognition, but finding the right product for the purposes of your company’s promotion is difficult.

What you want to focus on is ensuring that your company’s brand/logo is presented with a product that embodies the message and heart of your company. Just think: if your company produces snowboards and skis, you wouldn’t want to print your company’s logo onto swimwear; Your company would receive much more brand recognition if its logo were to be printed on winter jackets, snow pants, and beanies. Similarly, if you’re a company whose products, and their subsequent lifestyles, are structured around sunshine, Summer, and relaxation, you want to consider representing your company’s logo through summer gear. If that were the case, we could then surmise that your brand’s aesthetic is built around the beach; otherwise, your brand could be presented through types of logo beach towels.

When someone says that they are going to the beach, the first thought you might have is that they are going to swim, surf, and play in the water. However, that’s not what the majority of beachgoers are seeking. For all of the Americans going to the beach each year, 60% of them prefer doing nothing/relaxing in comparison to exercising. To break it down further, beachgoers would rather sunbathe (53%), nap (53%), or read (48%). For all of these people venturing off towards the beach, there is one item they require to lay in the sound and relax/nap: a beach towel. If you can provide them with one of the many types of logo beach towels, you can easily secure free, simply brand recognition for your company.

These promotional beach towels (namely fully color printed towels) are a simple way to present your brand with ease. By having custom printed beach towels — with a beautiful, unique design and your logo emblazoned on the larger percentage of its face — you are generating free brand recognition just by having people going to the beach. With various types of logo beach towels on-hand and in-store, you can effectively produce a product that people can own and use in public (all for other people to see).

There are a number of ways you can present these towels to people, whether by selling them through your store, offering them through giveaways, giving them away as promotional towels at local, branded events, or offering them to people at the beach (say, getting a brand rep to have beachgoers take promotional photos with the beach towel). These different types of logo beach towels (photo beach towels, promotional beach towels, logo beach towels, etc.) can be given away with ease. Once in the hands of other people, you’ll have people spreading and supporting your logo/brand wherever they go.

Using Promotional Beach Towels For Brand Recognition

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