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There is a reason why the leather industry has been booming for years and will continue to do so for years to come. 2009 saw the value of shipments of leather belts alone in the United States totaling in $92 million. Americans are in love with leather, a product that is not only gorgeous to look at, but durable. Leather comes in great varieties, with a type of leather for every taste. Another great thing about leather is the diversity of products the industry produces. If you’re considering leather goods as a gift for a loved one — or even yourself — you might want to delve into the different products available. Here are a few different leather goods you may want to consider before buying.

1. Leather Toes for Women

As the title suggests, leather totes for women are aimed at a specific market. But it’s no wonder that women love leather so much. Leather totes for women are not only useful on a practical level, but amazing to look at as well. When considering a gift for women, know that women often like to express their personalities through what they wear and carry. Leather totes for women come in many different styles and colors. They’re also made out of several different types of leather, depending on the seller and manufacturer. Some may be crafted from cowhide, the thickest type of leather that comes in one ounce and 12 ounce varieties. Women also appreciate products that they can show off. Fine leather goods are great items through which you can show off a sense of personal style, and that is seen perhaps best in leather tote bags for women. But perhaps the best part about this gift is that it can be efficiently used!

2. Leather Messenger Bags For Men

Leather messenger bags are perhaps an alternative to leather tote bags. Messenger bags are typically used by men versus the more feminine tote bags. With a slightly sleeker, more conservative appearance, messenger bags also usually come in darker colors. With the average consumer wearing at least four leather goods at one time, messenger bags are a great way for men to incorporate leather into your wardrobe without stepping too far outside the box. The best part about messenger bags is that they, like tote bags, serve a practical purpose. Certainly, they should be considered for any man who is willing to be a little daring with his fashion, while remaining fairly safe.

3. Leather Wallets

Unlike tote bags and messenger bags, wallets can be gender neutral or gendered. There are feminine-looking wallets, masculine-looking wallets, and neither. Wallets come in a wide variety of colors and shades. You may want to pick a darker shade if you’re unsure about the taste of the person you’re giving it to. While there are flashier colors available — even pinks and yellows — you can never go wrong with a dark brown or black wallet. Wallets can come with zippers or clasps. Some have so much room that they almost count as clutches! Don’t buy a wallet unless you’ve looked at the seams first and inspected it for sturdiness. A wallet is the last product you want falling apart when you’re shopping!

3. Leather Bracelets

Leather bracelets are somewhat out of the norm — they aren’t perhaps as commonly seen as wallets. But they’re small and easy to transport should you be traveling a long way with your item. They’re also durable and serve as exciting fashion statements for the lucky wearer. While leather bracelets are more commonly worn by women, leather bracelets in darker tones have often been seen on the wrists of men. A leather bracelet is certainly a great way to show your friend or relative that you care, while not spending quite as much as you perhaps would on a leather totes for women.

Three Leather Goods To Consider Buying

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