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Supreme is a streetwear look that has taken the world by storm, yet this was not obvious when the brand was founded. When the first store opened, no one, including the originator of authentic Supreme clothing, could have guessed that it would top the list of skater clothing brands, becoming one of the leading purveyors of skater sneakers and bags to a whole generation.

  • How did the Supreme brand start? It all began in 1994 when James Jebbia launched the brand. And English fashion designer, Jebbia had previously launched Union NYC in 1989 and helped with the skate brand Stussy NYC. For a while, he worked at Stussy while also running Supreme. The 1994 launch of the Supreme clothing brand cost James Jebbia $12,000 at the time.
  • The company has managed to grab a worldwide cult following for its skater sneakers, backpacks, bags, and other skater wear. The brand launches new items at the start of every collection, always releasing on a Thursday. This means skipping school or work for the most die-hard fans, and they willingly stand in line across Europe, in America, and in Japan to be the first with the newest skater sneakers. There is no other line of clothing that manages this kind of devotion.
  • Supreme’s founder, James Jebbia, once told interviewers that 90s’ skater clothing brands catered to a demographic that was too young. He felt the skater sneakers and baseball caps were more suitable for a 13-year-old than for the more mature skaters who populated the skating scene of New York.
  • The brand itself now has 10 stores across the world, in the United States, Great Britain, Japan, and France. Of course, it’s also possible these days to get those authentic skater sneakers through the brand’s Internet site, as well. There are also resellers with physical locations around the world, as well as websites, where people can find Supreme brand accessories, skater sneakers, jeans, and more.
  • Vogue magazine once did a survey and found that it’s people between 18 and 25 years of age who are most typically buying Supreme brand clothes. This demographic most values the look they get from the Supreme brand, knowing that impressions are made in moments. Strangers typically judge a person and their trustworthiness in under one-tenth of a second, so it’s important that your style quickly convey who you are and what you value.

The Supreme brand has come a long way since 1994, when it selling its t-shirts and jeans only in a brick and mortar in Manhatten. Now it’s possible to get authentic Supreme skater sneakers and other goods online and in stores all over the world.

The Supreme Brand and Why It’s Hot

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