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The holidays may not be here yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare. Got someone in your family, or perhaps a friend, who’s a Kentucky soul through and through? Then this list is for you. To grow up in the South is to be well-acquainted with good, old-fashioned Southern pride. Help them show it off once December arrives and get everyone into the winter spirit with a Kentucky hoodie or a handful of KSR merchandise. For those that have lived on the West or East coast all their life and are more than a little lost on where to start, fear not.

Simply Southern accessories will bring a smile to your loved one’s face faster than you can think of a classic idiom.

Did You Know?

Think you’re full as a tick on a coonhound back? Let’s not get cocky. Kentucky is a state bursting with history as old as the country itself and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly once you make the plunge for some fun KSR accessories. Kentucky became the 15th state to join the Union all the way back in 1792. As of now it’s the 26th most populous state with a population of just over four million. For comparison, that’s half the size of Switzerland!


It’s not a party without alcohol! A little-known fact that is starting to gain more attention is the source of bourbon. Although it doesn’t have to be made in Kentucky, a stunning 95% of the world’s bourbon still comes from the Bluegrass State. A lot of people don’t know the difference between whisky or bourbon, either, so let’s set the record straight. The former heralds from Scotland, while the latter is state grown and usually comes from corn rather than the more conventional barley we all know and love.


Maybe you have a Kentucky pal who’s far more interested in wearing their pride on their sleeve. Literally! KSR merchandise comes in many shapes and sizes for the unique taste in all of us. You’ve got Kentucky tees with fun graphics, a Kentucky sweatshirt for those lazy days or Simply Southern clothing that can fill in the gaps in your family member’s closet. As of 2016, over half of all Americans will do some, if not all their holiday shopping online. Why not be convenient and accurate all at the same time?


Nothing wrong with a nice mug or a decoration for the fridge. Kentucky gift baskets can be home to all sorts of fun little goodies to be shuffled through when Christmas comes around, which is doubly perfect for those that are indecisive when it’s time to get serious. You can combine a colorful hat, quirky memorabilia and even some unique foods all in one handy-dandy package. A recent study provided by the American Research Group found that the average American will spend at least $900 on holiday gifts.

Getting A Great Kentucky Gift

A gift that’s personal will always mean more than something super expensive and without heart. The American Research Group found that Americans will spend more on Christmas gifts these past two years than ever before. Compare this with an interesting article published in the Journal Of Experimental Social Psychology, in which five independent studies confirmed that people are far more appreciative of gifts they specifically asked for. KSR merchandise can get you Kentucky bourbon accessories and Kentucky merchandise in fine form, creating that happy memory everyone looks forward to when the air turns chilly.

The Perfect Gift Ideas For The Kentuckian In Your Family

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