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Does your company have a strong culture? A recent survey showed that 64% of the employees polled didn’t feel that their’s did. When employees feel connected to the company where they work, this can greatly enhance their engagement. Since engaged employees tend to feel more loyal to the company where they work, they aren’t as likely to begin looking for a new job or quit outright.

How a Strong Company Culture Can Reduce Employee Turnover

You’re probably aware that a positive company culture can make a significant difference with employee turnover. A Columbia University found that when companies have a strong culture, they have a lower turnover rate. This was found to be the case with 13.9% of the organizations studied by the university. However, when companies have a poor culture, the job turnover rate was 48.4%.

Due to high employee turnover rates, it costs businesses within the United States more than $300 billion a year. The bottom line here is that when employees are unhappy, they are more likely to leave. This is where employee recognition programs, team-building events, and other aspects of a strong company culture come into play.

Activities to Create a Strong Company Culture

Annual picnics can be an excellent way for management, employees, and their families to connect in a more personal fashion. Sharing a meal together along with participating in fun activities can also alleviate workplace stress and provide everyone with an opportunity to just be themselves. A Dinova survey, for example, found that quite a few companies realize the importance of hosting annual picnics. When taking into consideration all of the survey participants, 73% stated that their company had a picnic every year.

Another way to develop a positive workplace culture is to have T-shirts and other items embroidered or printed with the company logo. Given that approximately 62% of Americans own ten or more T-shirts, there’s an excellent chance that your staff would appreciate adding to their collection. Furthermore,these printed T shirts can show team spirit when they’re worn on designated days, during company picnics, and other employer-sponsored events such as trade shows.

The Popularity of Promotional Products

Were you aware that 53% of the individuals that own promotional items will wear them once a week at least? Promotional bags are very popular, and 31% of Americans own one or more. It’s also been shown that promotional bags generate more attention than any other type of promotional product. Part of the reason for this is because these bags tend to be made with high quality materials and can be used again and again.

Given the variety of promotional products available, a recent survey showed that 91% have at least one in their kitchen. Whether it’s a coffee mug or a refrigerator magnet, these items have the ability to reinforce a brand’s name. Other individuals, or 74%, will have a minimum of one promotional item in their workspace. In addition to water bottles, other items might include pens, pencils, and calendars.

Bedrooms are another place where individuals may have at least one promotional product. Apparently, 55% of the survey participants claimed to have a promotional product in this room or their house. This might include banners, posters, photo frames, or the inimitable T-shirt and matching bag.

Contact a Custom Embroidery Company to Learn More

Since you want to create and/or maintain a positive company culture, a custom embroidery company will be able to tell you about all of their available products and services. You may, for example, be interested in having a custom embroidery company show you several different types of T shirt designs. In addition to custom T shirt screenprinting or custom embroidery services for hats or promotional bags, you may also be interested in other services that can be provided by a custom embroidery company.

The Importance of Having a Positive Workplace Culture

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