Many people believe the worst about hair extensions. They think they damage people’s real hair, take a lot of time to put in and take out, and really are only for celebrities who are walking the red carpet. The good news is that none of that is really true. When conducted a poll about celebrity hair extensions, they found that a lot of non-celebrities were using them. In fact, about 38% of respondents said they use them. There are about 158.6 million women in the United States. The number of those women who use hair extensions is estimated at roughly 58.7 million. If you are on the lookout for non damaging extensions, tape extensions may be perfect for you.

1.andnbsp;These look totally natural. A number of people do assume that the only way to get hair extensions that look natural is to go with individual hair extensions or hand tied extensions. When it comes to tape extensions, the assumption is that they will look terrible. “I would really like hair extensions that look ridiculously fake,” said no one, ever. These non damaging extensions can blend into your natural hair and look great. Many people who use them regularly say they forget they have them in most of the time. The key here is to get tape extensions that are matched not just to the color but the thickness, density, and texture as well. Whatever hair extensions you are going to use, opt for those with all real, human hairs. Anything less than 100% human hair should be avoided.

2. It does not take a long time to put them in or remove them. This is the second myth about tape hair extensions. When you go to the beauty salon for any hair services such as highlights, you expect to spend about 90 minutes to get the job done. That is the amount of time it takes to put these non damaging extensions in. In fact, many people think it looks easy enough to do it themselves but it is important to let a professional work their magic.

When it comes to taking them out, that is a quick process. The tape is covered in a product that removes the glue. After wearing the hair extensions for about eight to 10 weeks, you can have them removed. This is the same amount of time you should expect to go by if you want the non damaging extensions to be reapplied. One thing that can look these look fake is if the bond that keeps your hair extensions is allowed to move too far from your scalp.

3. They do not require a lot of work. You can do anything you can do with your natural hair with non damaging extensions. You can wash your hair as you normally do. You can use whatever styling tools you like to use on your regular hair on the hair extensions. It is always a good idea to be gentle with your hair and that is true for hair extensions as well. They are both at their most vulnerable when they are wet. One thing you may want to do is dry them a bit (with a dryer) before you comb out any tangles. Some people find it easier to style hair extensions than their natural hair.

4. Tape extensions are the most non damaging extensions around. When they are put in by a professional and the job is done correctly, there should be no damage done to the hair or the scalp. There are horror stories out there floating around social media about problems with most kinds of hair extensions. Most of the time, the problems were caused by a poor application, not the extensions themselves.

There are a lot of things people will do to make sure they look great. We color, cut, and style our hair. Now, we have the opportiunity to have long, luxurious hair without waiting months for a hair cut to grow out. Non damaging hair extensions give people more choices and more variety in how they can wear their hair. Now, more than at any time in human history, people can get the exact hair length, style, and color they want.

The 4 Advantages of Using Tape Hair Extensions

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