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Today’s beauty industry perpetuates an interesting trend. From television commercials to magazine ads, there is a certain standard of beauty that is quite a narrow one, and quite unrealistic and unattainable for the vast majority of individuals who look at them. There is great beauty in diversity, which much of the beauty industry has not exactly picked up on. But the good thing is that people are starting to become more aware of the fact that it is perfectly fine to break through those brittle beauty standards and live just how you want to live, as confident as can be, regardless of how others might see you.

Indulging in a bit of pampering

There is a difference between striving to meet the expectations of society and pampering yourself so that you feel good. If you already have the inner confidence, altering your outer appearance is more of just a hobby or indulgence rather than something that you feel you have to do. Heading to a spa or dermatologist to improve the look and feel of your skin can be an enjoyable experience, particularly if you are doing it for yourself and not to meet those unrealistic expectations. From hair removal to chemical peels and other cosmetic procedures, there are a number of ways that people choose to pamper themselves.

Some popular skin treatments and procedures

Different people have different preferences and ideas of pampering. Facial massages are popular relaxation tools and not at all invasive. Some other treatments, such as microdermabrasion and the laser hair removal process, are a bit more involved and may cause a bit of discomfort during the process, but will ultimately end in the desired result.

Microdermabrasion is a form of exfoliation, where the outer layer of skin is scrubbed or sanded with tiny, minimally abrasive particles to remove old or dry skin. These types of sessions can take place in windows as small as 15 to 30 minutes.

Laser hair removal is the most popular cosmetic process for women below the age of 35, and for women over 35, it only falls to the second most popular, just after Botox. It will typically take between three to eight sessions of laser hair removal before the hair loss in the desired area is permanent. It may seem tedious, but about 97% of women who underwent the process said that they were satisfied with the outcome.

The importance of visiting your dermatologist

There are multiple reasons a person may want to visit their dermatologist, but scheduling a visit is more important than for mere cosmetic purposes. Regularly checking for serious skin conditions, such as melanoma, can lead to an early diagnosis and the chance to stop the spread of the disease before it is too late. Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that can be treated, but if untreated too long, can also lead to death. Around 40,000 people across the country are diagnosed with melanoma every year.

One of the main ways to safeguard against such skin conditions, other than regular checkups with your doctor or dermatologist, is to protect your skin from environmental dangers as much as possible. Sunscreen and daily cleansing with gentle soaps or scrubs are very effective tools to battle the elements that bombard your skin, from harmful ultraviolet rays to the everyday air pollution and dirt you encounter just by stepping outside.

Taking care of your skin is important. It is also important to maintain your stress levels. Perhaps a visit to the spa is just the thing to reset your happiness levels.

Taking Care of Your Skin, from Sunscreen to Laser Hair Removal

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