Jewelry is a visual touch-up both simple and highly complex.

You have the hard work that goes into crafting each custom watch and the elegant minimalism that comes with adorning your next outfit. It’s a brilliant contradiction and one that many Americans today put a lot of effort into maintaining. Should you be considering purchasing a gift for a loved one — or just want to learn more about your wardrobe’s potential — this is the area you need to focus on. Imagine what a glittering bracelet could do to bring out the red in that favorite dress. How a stylish watch can bump up your look from good to great.

It’s time to talk shop. What could your next trip to the jewelry store do to change how you look at yourself?

Did You Know?

Jewelry is used all over the world. Everything for its significance to the materials used changes depending on the culture, history, and artistry involved. The ancient tradition of exchanging wedding rings is thought by many historians to have originated from Ancient Egypt nearly 5,000 years ago. Lovebirds would take the famous papyrus and braid them into rings alongside twisted sedges or reeds. Today we see necklaces purchased as gifts for friends and rings as a means of showing love eternal.

The Classic Appeal Of The Watch

When you want to combine form with function, you look toward the watch. Watches have been a staple of men’s fashion for well over 400 years. Even though technology seems like it’s made the watch obsolete, you can still find many beautiful brands being sold in jewelry stores around the world. A recent study found 40% of women having given their spouse a watch at some point as a gift. A good watch today not only tells the time by the closest millisecond, but international time.

Adding A Little Charm With A Bracelet

Not every form of jewelry needs to be bombastic. Sometimes what you need is a small, delicate creation to act as the icing on the cake. Bracelets pair nicely with a ring or pair of earrings, adding some glitter to an outfit that runs the risk of looking too dull. Today the top three jewelry styles chosen by brides are earrings at 70%, hair jewelry at 40%, and bracelets at 35%. For those that already have a few pieces of jewelry to their name, you can’t go wrong with another necklace.

Touching Up Your Look With A Necklace

Just what is it about an elegant necklace that completes a look? This old-fashioned form of decoration has been carefully recreated in countless paintings, often the highlight of an outfit irregardless of style. Necklaces are generally classified by their length — you have chokers which sit between 35 and 40 centimeters, the ‘princess’ between 45 and 50 centimeters, and the Mattinee between 55 and 60 centimeters. The longest are rope necklaces and lariat necklaces, often used for special occasions.

Taking Good Care Of Your Investment

Nobody wants to sink hundreds of dollars into a gorgeous watch only to see it erode away within the year. It’s recommended by most of today’s jewelry experts you get your watch, rings, or chains checked by a jeweler for upkeep once a year. They can check for signs of rust, dirt, or any scratches that need to be buffed out. December remains the most popular month for buying engagement rings, with around 15% of couples getting engaged during the festive season. When it comes to showing someone you care, though…now is always the best time.

Next time you visit your local jewelry store, think about the hidden meaning behind your purchase.

Symbolic, Practical, And Everything In-Between The Art Of Buying Jewelry For Someone Special

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