Stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy is not necessarily new to the healthcare industry. While the science behind it has been ever-developing since it initially started to gain traction three decades ago. Bone marrow transplants were the first and most popular type of stem cell treatment, and remain one of the more commonly practiced procedures today.

The medical benefits of this treatment are practically innumerable. Stem cells are cells which more or less have the ability to grow and change into other types of cells, offering recipients of the treatment a method of fending off, or preventing certain health conditions. Stem cells can help with an extreme array of different ailments, and has its uses as a preventative medicine, too.

Stem cell therapy is not without its criticism, though. Most of the opposition to the process took root a decade or two ago, when detractors associated regenerative medicine with “playing God” and deemed the procedure as too life-altering for humans to practice. This is, of course, untrue — virtually all scientific consensus points to stem cell therapy as one of the most influential, important, and effective treatments anywhere on the globe. There should be little to no moral conviction when it comes to using it due to the immense amount we stand to gain by letting the treatment go mainstream.

Stem cell therapy isn’t the only treatment taking the industry by storm. In 2014, the United States spa industry reported generating over $15.5 billion. That means these treatments are gaining some traction with the general population. Also popular are botox injections, HGH therapy, testosterone replacement therapy (sometimes called “TRT”), laser skin resurfacing, and PRP injections.

Each of the above listed procedures have been taking on quite a bit of new popularity as of late, as more and more Americans catch on to their efficacy and have less reasons to distrust the process. Over 1.1 million chemical peels were performed in 2012, showing that Americans generally are becoming more accepting of procedures which have surfaced in their lifetimes.

Stem Cell Therapy and You — How This Treatment is Revolutionizing the Face of Modern Medicine

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