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Marriage is one of the biggest milestones in life, and there are countless details that go into making the ceremony as special as possible. Ironically, many of the details that go into making the big day big are actually quite small. Nevertheless, they’re still a big deal. Although you may have been told that you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, a wedding is the only time when it might be appropriate if not encouraged to do so.

For example, what color nail polish will the bride and bridesmaid wear? How many candles it too many? What color, style, and shape will they be? Should the rice thrown be organic? The list can go on forever. and may even begin to feel overwhelming.

Luckily however, there are ways to simplify and make the monumental task of planning a wedding feel a bit more manageable. One-stop-shop retailer such as local bridal and wedding jewelry stores, take the guesswork out of coordinating both the large and small details of planning a wedding. This is especially helpful for brides and bridegrooms in search of niche items, such as custom or vintage wedding bands.

If you’re one out of many soon to be newlyweds that are planning a vintage-themed wedding, be sure to make a trip to your local bridal and wedding jewelry stores. In addition to outstanding bridal jewelry, you may be surprised at what else you can find! Here are a few examples:

Rare jewelry

Local bridal and wedding jewelry stores often care rare and unique pieces of antique or vintage-inspired fine jewelry. And in many cases, you can even work with an experienced jeweler to create custom jewelry for your big day! Whether it’s a piece that has been in your family for generations or a vintage piece that once belonged to someone else decades ago, antique and vintage jewelry carries an undeniable charm that is the perfect “something old” for any wedding ceremony.

Exceptional accessories

Accessories are a great example of how important seemingly “small” wedding details are. Antique and vintage accessories are the perfect way to accentuate a vintage wedding theme. For examples, brooches, elegant earrings, and delicate necklaces or vintage rings can be worn by the bride and the entire bridal party to create a more cohesive aesthetic. These small details support and enhance the look and feel or the larger theme.

Unique items

In addition to beautiful jewelry and accessories, you may even be surprised to find unique decorative pieces such as antique bird cages and distressed picture frames. On their own, these items may seem out of place. When paired together however, they can used to in fun and creative ways to share information with wedding guests. For example, vintage bird cages are excellent candle holders and distressed picture frames can be used to share seating assignments. Similarly, these items can be used together to create a rustic tableau.

Planning for a wedding is almost like a scavenger hunt of sorts. Not only do you have to find something borrowed and something blue, but you also have to find something old and something new! The search for these items can be stressful at times, especially if they have to coordinate with a themed wedding such as vintage-inspired ceremony. Fortunately, local bridal and wedding jewelry stores take the stress out of finding your perfect something for your big day.

Something Old How to Score Priceless Vintage Finds at Local Bridal and Wedding Jewelry Stores

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