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The chance to vote on the levy override is nearing its end. In fact, as the midwestern school district finishes up its mail in ballot campaign, it should come as no surprise that custom pop displays and outdoor custom banners announce to both neighbors and strangers which side of the educational funding topic they favor. From the simply yard signs that dot the residential streets of the neighborhood to the larges of the outdoor mesh banners that no one can miss, the use of promotional products can help share all kinds of messages.

Both local and national political campaigns benefit from promotional devices like custom pop displays that can be used on tables at community events, as well as other kinds of materials that show undecided voters where their friends, neighbors, and community businesses stand. Whether you are looking for a way to let your neighbors know that you are in support of the latest school bond or levy issue, or you are working toward your first public office election, working with a professional printer can be a perfect solution.
Political Signs and Banners and Other Kinds of Custom Printed Signs Can Help Spread a Message
Whether you are a student purchasing a parking permit from the high school office or you are looking for ways to promote a new product or candidate, the decision to work with a professional printer can help. Finding the way to get your message across to clients, neighbors, and constituents typically involves many kinds of printed materials:

  • 3,000 is the average number of ads and promotional messages that consumers are exposed to every day.
  • The use of political yard signs quadrupled between the years of 1984 and 2012.
  • On-site signage is equal to the value of 24 full-page newspaper ads every year.
  • Merchandise with a sign outsold merchandise without a sign by 20%, according to several studies, including one from Brigham Young University.
  • As many as 60% of the purchases made in a store can be classified as impulse purchases.
  • Research also shows that consumers make 82% of their purchase decisions while they are in the store.

Finding the right way to promote your message or your product is a combination and of the best marketing team and the best printing agency.

Printed Window Decals Promote Political Beliefs and Also Indicate Membership

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