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Did you know that only four out of 10 Americans get the recommended amount of sleep? Going without sleep can affect your life in major ways, but the fact is that many of us put convention over comfort when it comes to sleeping. We?d rather sleep in the kind of pajamas that other people sleep in, even if they aren?t the most comfortable ? which is ridiculous, because we?re talking about pajamas, here! Nobody is going to see them but you, your family, and your partner. You should be prioritizing comfort, and maybe a bit of creativity, over look. That being said, there is a pajama craze that is sweeping the nation, and it combines all three of those elements. And that is the pajama onesie.

Pajama Onesies: How It?s For Everyone

For a long time, kid pajamas onesies and footed pajamas for babies have been the norm. But now, kids and babies aren?t the only ones who get in on the fun. In fact, on March 11, 2012, Austin Texas saw the ?Largest Footed Pajama Party?, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. With 309 attendees presence, everyone had fun at the Southwest Interactive Festival. It?s true that pajama onesies bring out the inner child of many. But really, it?s about more than simply having fun or being silly. These pajamas are not only convenient but comfortable, and allow people to express their personalities in a quirky style.

The One Piece Pajama: Convenience Meets Comfort

A recent survey indicated that 61% of participants were dissatisfied by their choices in nightwear. Many people aren?t warm enough in things like nightgowns and nightshirts, and find it annoying or difficult to keep two piece pajamas together in the wash. This is especially true for parents with children. On average, men wear the same set of pajamas in a row for almost two weeks before washing them, while women wear the same set for 17 days before washing them. It?s easier to wash one piece pajamas, and they tend to use a bit less water. You could be a few sets and be good to go in terms of pajamas! Kid pajamas onesies are especially effective in this regard. They?re also extremely comfortable, with the thickness of fleece varying from 100 to 300, with 300 being the thickest and least flexible.

Creativity Is Key: Expressing Yourself With Footed Pajamas

One thing that makes pajama onesies great gifts for yourself and others is the creativity they hold. You can buy an adult pair for your dad, and kid pajamas onesies for your children. Often ordered online, they come in a variety of sizes and colors. Some even come in animal print! Gifting someone with a onesie will be sure to make them smile, especially during the winter. It?s a way of showing someone that you really know their personality ? and getting one for yourself mean that you know who you are.

Pajama Onesies What You Don’t Know

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