Summer has arrived, and for some people that means a relaxed approach to the clothing that they wear. Private school students do not have to get up and don a required uniform. Teachers can spend their days in shorts and t-shirts. Pastors might opt out of their heavy robes for these warmest months of the year. Although there are some people who can dress more casually this summer, there are others who approach the day as business as usual. Still dressed in suits, dress slacks and long sleeve collared shirts, and dress shoes, many wear the same attire year round.

Of all the things that professional men wear to work, however, footwear is often the most unchanged. With a few decisions between tieless shoes some shoes that come with unique shoelaces, mens dress shoes often seem pretty similar. Variance in colors are even pretty limited. In fact, the main difference in the footwear that men wear is most often found in cost and comfort.

Cost and Comfort Are Two Important Variables in the Mens Footwear Industry

The footwear industry in the U.S. generated an approximate revenue of $255.55 per person in the year 2018. Playing a significant factor in the purchase of shoes is finding items that are both affordable and comfortable. And while there are many professionals who can afford to pay top dollar for the latest fashion in tieless shoes, there are many more consumers who are simply looking for a comfortable bargain.

The cheapest shoes are not always the best purchase. In fact, cheap, ill fitting shoes can make a normal work day seem much longer than it needs to be. For professionals who are wearing a suit and tie to work on a daily basis, investing in the best dress shoes.

For teenagers who are not working in a professional setting, however, there is a lot more variety in the footwear offering. From athletic shoes with traditional laces to a number of styles of shoes without shoelaces to no tie laces, it seems that the younger you are the more variety you can choose from. By the year 2020, the global footwear market is slated to be worth $220.2 billion with 10.974 million units. Mens footwear will continue to play an important role in this market. Young consumers might be looking at choices of awesome shoelaces and professionals might be selecting between only a few colors, but everyone should be focusing on comfort.

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Mens Footwear Comes in a Variety of Styles

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