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A stylish man knows that quality leather accessories make the difference in his overall appearance. The average quality men?s dress ensemble will include four leather items: shoes, belt, wallet, and watchstrap. Ideally, these should be of a matching or similar leather, but if one chooses his designer leather belts and watchstrap carefully, it can go with a variety of leather dress shoes. There are two main styles of formal shoes for men: oxfords and derbies. These are lace up shoes that differ in small details. For a more adaptable style, though, mens monk strap shoes are a fashionable and flexible choice.

The name of the shoe has an interesting history; since medieval times, monks were known to wear these shoes for comfort and durability above the sandals they normally wore, especially in colder European climates. The name monk shoe has lasted since that time.
There are two types of mens monk strap shoes: single and double strap. They are suitable for different occasions and offer individual style choice. A single strap has more variety in design; because there is only one strap and buckle, there is more room on the shoe itself for creative patterns, strap widths, and buckle sizes. Single strap monk shoes for men are appropriate for a more casual outfit, and can be found in edgy fashion aesthetics as well, such as those in black with a wide toe. The double strap shoe is more formal and usually a more staid look, suitable for semi formal occasions.

The level of formality is also determined by the material from which the shoe is made. Leather is the highest quality for mens monk shoes, and a smooth finish indicate formality. Italian leather shoes and mens exotic skin shoes are among the highest quality and most appropriate for this type of look. Suede mens monk strap shoes are a handsome choice for semiformal attire and day to day activity, and depending on the style can even be suitable for casual wear, especially if they sport a wider toe. They look great with jeans and sweaters. The best recommendation is to have one of each: a pair of mens leather oxford shoes for the most formal occasions, designer monk strap shoes with double straps in an exotic leather, and a pair of mens monk strap shoes in a light color sued with a single strap.

The last question is: socks or no socks? Follow the usual guidelines for the level of formality of your outfit. If you are wearing formal attire and leather double monk strap shoes, socks are necessary. If you are wearing black monk straps, wear black socks, and go with charcoal or dark brown for brown or oxblood shoes. In semiformal occasions when either mens monk strap shoes might be appropriate, try to match your socks to your shoe color and feel free to include an interesting pattern or novelty sock. Lastly, for casual wear with suede monk strap shoes, you can choose to not wear socks.

Aside from luxury Italian loafers, mens monk strap shoes are the most flexible style choice for today?s gentleman. They offer an adaptable style that can be made in quality leather and a variety of exotic dress shoes. And they?ve been in style for centuries! Add a few pairs to your wardrobe today.

How To Wear Mens Monk Strap Shoes

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