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Love can be expensive. From going all out on first dates to reserving tables at fancy restaurants on anniversaries, from expensive Christmas presents to engagement rings to tell the whole world how much you love that special someone, every part of the courting process costs money, and every part of it adds up. And weddings are the worst offender of them all, given that nearly half of all couples who are getting married will end up spending far more on their special day than originally budgeted for.

The average wedding in the United states will cost a couple around $26,720, and given that nearly 44,230 weddings on average take place per weekend, and 88% of people will marry at least once in their life, is it any wonder that weddings as a whole represent a $50 billion industry?

Every little cost of any wedding will add up fast, no matter how much time spent planning it, no matter how much though and effort, the money still adds up. Half of all women spend around eleven hours per week planning their wedding, and this planning tends to include where to have it, what kind of food to have, who to invite, where to have them sit, if there should be a theme, what colors or decorations they want, who they want to officiate it, what sort of music they want playing.

Indeed, everything adds up, and there are only so many places where costs can be cut. You can only leave out so many people, can only downgrade so many times, can only skimp out on so much food, before there’s no where else to cut costs at. One place, however, where most people might not be looking to cut costs is the linens that they use.

For the most part, people will pop out and buy whole new linens, and often times chairs, for the occasion, but wedding rental linens are the best kept industry secret. Sure, it might be nice to own those pretty new tablecloths yourself, but after your wedding and reception, when are you ever likely to use them again?

Rental linens might seem a bit strange to some, but surely the fact that they’re easier and often times cheaper than outright buying new linens would be is enough to offset that strangeness? Chair cover rentals, tablecloth rentals, these things save you money, and space in your home; if you simply rent your wedding tablecloths rather than buy them, you don’t have to worry about where to store them to keep them in good shape after your big day has come and gone.

Planning a wedding is tough, and it’s expensive, but you can help to make your own life a little easier, and your wedding a little cheaper, simply by looking into where to rent table linens, and any other sort of rental linens you might need for your big day.

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